Saturday - August 24, 2019
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News releases, reports, statements and associated documents from federal regulatory agencies ranging from the Securities Exchange Commission to the Commodities Futures Trading Commission

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SEC: Fee Rate Advisory #1 for Fiscal Year 2020
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission issued the following news release:

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that in fiscal year 2020 the fees that public companies and other issuers pay to register their securities with the Commission will be set at $129.80 per million dollars.


The securities laws require the Commission to make annual adjustments to the rates for fees paid under Section 6(b) of the Securities Act of 1933 and Sections 13(e) and 14(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The Commission must set rates for the fees paid under ... Show Full Article

SEC Issues Order Involving John M.E. Saad
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission issued the following order (Admin. Proc. File No. 3-13678r) involving John M.E. Saad:

In the Matter of the Application of JOHN M.E. SAAD

For Review of Disciplinary Action Taken by FINRA



Court of appeals remanded matter to the Commission after Commission sustained FINRA disciplinary action for Commission to determine in the first instance whether Supreme Court decision had any bearing on matter. Held, Supreme Court decision had no bearing ... Show Full Article

SEC Issues Administrative Law Judges Order Involving David Pruitt
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -- The Securities and Exchange Commission's Administrative Law Judges issued the following order (File No. 3-17950) involving David Pruitt:

In the Matter of David Pruitt, CPA

Order Extending Deadline for Stipulations

Respondent David Pruitt moved to extend the deadline for stipulations. The Division of Enforcement has consented to this request. The motion is granted. The deadline for stipulations is extended from August 23, 2019, to August 30, 2019.

James E. Grimes

Administrative Law Judge

Randolph J. Stayin Sworn In As U.S. International Trade Commissioner
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -- The U.S. International Trade Commission issued the following news release:

Randolph J. Stayin, a Republican of Virginia, was sworn in today as a Commissioner of the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC). He was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on August 1, 2019, for the term expiring on June 16, 2026.

Commissioner Stayin brings to the USITC more than 40 years of litigation, legislative, and regulatory advocacy experience in international trade policy, trade law, and regulatory compliance. As an attorney in private practice, he represented clients in antidumping and countervailing ... Show Full Article

NRC Approves License Transfer for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -- The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued the following news release:

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved the transfer of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station license from Entergy Nuclear Operations Inc., to Holtec International, as owner, and Holtec Decommissioning International, as decommissioning operator.

The three companies requested the license transfer in November 2018. Once the purchase is finalized, Holtec and HDI have announced plans to expedite decommissioning and dismantling of the plant. The license transfer includes the dry cask spent fuel storage installation ... Show Full Article

FERC Issues Weekly Digest for Week of August 19-23, 2019
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -- The Federal Election Commission issued the following weekly digest:

Commission meetings and hearings

On August 20 and 22, the Commission met in executive session.

On August 22, the Commission held an open meeting.

Advisory opinions

Advisory Opinion 2019-14 (Arizona Libertarian Party)

On August 22, the Commission approved an advisory opinion request from the Arizona Libertarian Party (AZLP), concluding that the requestor may transfer funds to the National Libertarian Party but that the transfer would cause AZLP to exceed the monetary threshold requiring the AZLP to register ... Show Full Article

FCC Enforcement Bureau Issues Order Involving Zito Canton Vs. PPL Electric Utilities
WASHINGTON, Aug. 23 -- The Federal Communications Commission\'s Enforcement Bureau issued the text of the following order (File No. EB-17-MD-005):

In the Matter of Zito Canton, LLC, Complainant


PPL Electric Utilities Corporation, Respondent

Proceeding No. 17-284


Adopted: August 23, 2019

Released: August 23, 2019

By the Chief, Market Disputes Resolution Division:

1. On November 13, 2017, Zito Canton, LLC (Zito) filed with this Commission an amended pole attachment complaint against PPL Electric Utilities Corporation (PPL) pursuant to section 224 of the Communications ... Show Full Article