Monday - July 22, 2024
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Restaurant Industry Notches Win in Battle Against NLRB Joint Employer Rule
WASHINGTON, July 20 -- The National Restaurant Association issued the following news release on July 19, 2024:

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The NLRB withdrew its appeal to the 5th Circut decision vacating the 2023 Joint Employer Rule, putting a "direct and immediate" standard back in place.

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Today the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) was granted a request to withdraw its appeal of the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Texas decision vacating the 2023 Joint Employer Rule. This means that the long-established "direct and immediate" joint employer standard will again be in place, providing ... Show Full Article

ARLINGTON, Virginia, July 20 -- The Retail Industry Leaders Association issued the following news release on July 18, 2024:

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Today the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) announced the launch of their 2024 Store Walk Initiative, a unique approach to tackling organized retail crime, habitual theft, and its impact on communities. Through the Initiative, now in its second year, RILA and NDAA connect retailers with local prosecutors to facilitate a better understanding of shared challenges, ... Show Full Article

NACDS Welcomes Major New Pennsylvania Law Protecting Patients' Pharmacy Access
ARLINGTON, Virginia, July 20 -- The National Association of Chain Drug Stores issued the following news release on July 19, 2024:

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HB 1993 includes important PBM reforms and protections for Pennsylvania families' access to pharmacies for important services.

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The National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) is hailing today the enactment of Pennsylvania House Bill (HB) 1993, the "Pharmacy Benefit Reform Act," bipartisan legislation that will help protect Pennsylvanians' access to pharmacies by increasing the regulatory oversight of pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) middlemen and ... Show Full Article

MHA Statement on Global IT Outage
LANSING, Michigan, July 20 -- The Michigan Health and Hospital Association issued the following statement on July 19, 2024:

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The following statement was issued at 11 a.m. June 19 by the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA)

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The MHA is aware of the global IT issue that occurred overnight with a major technology vendor that is now affecting multiple sectors, including healthcare.

The issue was reportedly caused by a software update error and is not believed to be a cybersecurity incident. The association is aware that some Michigan hospitals and health systems are impacted ... Show Full Article

WASHINGTON, July 20 -- The International Franchise Association issued the following statement on July 19, 2024:

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Stresses the need to remain vigilant to future NLRB threats of joint employer; urges Senate to reject the nomination of NLRB Chair Lauren McFerran

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The International Franchise Association (IFA) today released the following statement after the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) withdrew its appeal of the March 2024 ruling by the Fifth District Court of Texas that struck down the NLRB's joint employer rule:

"This announcement means that the latest attempt to implement ... Show Full Article

Board of Trustees Authorizes Pursuit of a California Bar Exam Development Contract With Kaplan
SAN FRANCISCO, California, July 20 -- The State Bar of California issued the following news release:

At its July 18 meeting, the State Bar of California's Board of Trustees voted to authorize the Board Chair and Executive Director to negotiate terms of and, if appropriate, execute a five-year bar exam agreement not to exceed $8.25 million with Kaplan North America, LLC. If an agreement is reached, Kaplan would create California-specific multiple-choice, essays, and performance test questions for the California Bar Exam. The multiple-choice questions would replace the Multistate Bar Examination ... Show Full Article

Appraisal Institute Update for the 2Q of 2024
CHICAGO, Illinois, July 20 -- The Appraisal Institute issued the following news release:

The Appraisal Institute, the leading association of real estate appraisers, released an update for the three months ended June 30, 2024.

The second quarter saw increased onboarding of professional resources needed to reverse long-term declines and reset the organization onto a positive footing, as well as continued cost cutting and improvements in member service operations. Along with major upgrades in the quality of staff and professional resources, and greatly improved teamwork and productivity from team ... Show Full Article