Tuesday - June 25, 2019
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Southwest Research Institute Scientist Develops Novel Algorithm to Aid Search for Exoplanets
SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 25 -- Southwest Research Institute issued the following news release:

Inspired by movie streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, a Southwest Research Institute scientist developed a technique to look for stars likely to host giant, Jupiter-sized planets outside of our solar system. She developed an algorithm to identify stars likely to host giant exoplanets, based on the composition of stars known to have planets.

"My viewing habits have trained Netflix to recommend sci-fi movies I might like -- based on what I've already watched. These watched movies are like the ... Show Full Article

National Education Policy Center: Fixing the Morass of Special Education Funding
BOULDER, Colorado, June 25 -- The National Education Policy Center issued the following news release:

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- Policy brief addresses areas of incoherence in funding of special education, providing guidelines for federal policymakers to establish a national policy framework.

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Today's challenges for special education funding are rooted in a complex regulatory and policy environment that reflects little forethought about who can and will pay special education costs.

Despite the fact that states and school districts are legally required to ensure a free and appropriate public education to ... Show Full Article

Los Angeles Professional Services Industry Raises More Than $500,000 for National Jewish Health
LOS ANGELES, California, June 25 -- National Jewish Health, a respiratory hospital, issued the following news release, dated June 21:

On June 1, 2019, the Los Angeles professional services industry held their annual Black & White Ball to support National Jewish Health, the nation's leading respiratory hospital. Nearly 450 people attended the event presented by Brutzkus Gubner Rozansky Seror Weber LLP and Rosenthal & Rosenthal of California, at the Intercontinental Downtown Los Angeles and raised more than $500,000.

The Los Angeles professional services industry has gathered for a dinner to support ... Show Full Article

Immigration Reform Law Institute: Supreme Court Can Strike Down Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Now
WASHINGTON, June 25 -- The Immigration Reform Law Institute issued the following news release:

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- IRLI urges faster recognition of program's illegality

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Yet another appellate court - this time, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals - has enjoined the Trump administration's rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In support of the government's petition for review of this decision in the Supreme Court, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) today filed a friend-of-the-court brief urging the Court to take the case in order to rule that the courts lack ... Show Full Article

Denver Center for the Performing Arts: Theatre or Theater? in Stage Circles, That's a Fighting Word
DENVER, Colorado, June 25 -- The Denver Center for the Performing Arts issued the following news, dated June 21:

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- How companies spell that one volatile word says much about their histories and theatrical sensibilities

* * *

When The New York Times announced in March that Denver's Curious TheatRE Company will be opening its fall season with Antoinette Nwandu's "Pass Over," the article claimed the play was being presented by Curious TheatER Company.

As painful as this is for a journalist to say, this is a rare example of a credible media outlet not only getting it wrong. It got it wrong ... Show Full Article

At Conference of Top Cancer Researchers, Environmental Working Group Presents New Analysis Showing Nitrate-Polluted Tap Water Could Cause 12,500 Cancer Cases a Year
WASHINGTON, June 25 -- The Environmental Working Group issued the following news release:

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- U.S. Drinking Water Standard for Nitrate Untouched Since 1962

* * *

Drinking water contaminated with nitrate could be responsible for more than 12,500 cases of cancer each year, according to a peer-reviewed study by Environmental Working Group presented today at a conference of leading cancer and environmental health experts.

EWG toxicologist Alexis Temkin, Ph.D., discussed the research findings during a meeting sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research, entitled Environmental ... Show Full Article

Alaska Wilderness League: Conservation, Alaska and Indigenous Organizations Applaud Interior Spending Provision That Holds Trump Administration Accountable for Misleading Arctic Refuge Promises
WASHINGTON, June 25 -- The Alaska Wilderness League issued the following news release, dated June 21:

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- Bill language requiring a floor on lease sale bids holds Trump and members of Congress accountable for promises made when Arctic Refuge leasing was inserted in the 2017 tax bill

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The United States House of Representatives yesterday evening rejected a bid to amend its Interior Department spending bill that includes language requiring any Arctic National Wildlife Refuge oil and gas lease sales offered by the Trump administration to meet revenue projections promised by the 2017 Tax ... Show Full Article