Sunday - January 19, 2020
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Oregon House Democrats Enter 2020 Focused on Building A Better Future for All Oregonians
SALEM, Oregon, Jan. 18 -- The Oregon House Democrats issued the following news release:

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- Caucus agenda guides work in2020 and beyond

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The Oregon House Democrats released the agenda that will guide their work during the 2020 legislative session with a focus on building "A Better Future for All Oregonians."The agenda lays out the legislative successes of the past and presents a vision for the future, including concrete action to address the climate crisis.

"While Oregon House Democrats represent diverse districts and unique perspectives,we are bound by our commitment to building ... Show Full Article

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission Issues Order of Notice Involving Electric Distribution Utilities
CONCORD, New Hampshire, Jan. 18 -- The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission issued the following order of notice (No. IR 20-004) involving Electric Distribution Utilities:

Investigation into Rate Design Standards for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Electric Vehicle Time of Day Rates


On August 11, 2018, SB 575-FN, a bill establishing requirements for, and restrictions on, electric vehicle charging stations, went into effect. SB 575-FN requires the Commission to determine, within two years of its effective date, whether certain rate design standards for electric companies ... Show Full Article

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Announces 'Make-Ready' Program for Electric Vehicles
ALBANY, New York, Jan. 18 -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-New York, issued the following news release:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the New York State Department of Public Service issued a report recommending the establishment of a statewide utility-supported "Make-Ready" Program to promote responsible electric vehicle charging station deployment. In addition, the Governor announced that more than 20,000 rebates have been approved for New Yorkers to purchase electric cars under the Drive Clean Rebate initiative, which provides residents with a rebate of up to $2,000 for the purchase or lease ... Show Full Article

Mich. State Rep. Wentworth: Michigan House Receives Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Report
LANSING, Michigan, Jan. 18 -- The Michigan House Republicans issued the following news release on behalf of State Rep. Jason Wentworth:

State Rep. Jason Wentworth said Michigan took a key step toward becoming a national leader in criminal justice reform this week as the Legislature received a report from the bipartisan Joint Task Force on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration.

House Speaker Pro Tem Wentworth, Speaker Lee Chatfield and other state and county leaders announced the creation of the task force in April 2019 with a charge to review Michigan's local court procedures and history to find the ... Show Full Article

Kentucky A.G. Cameron Announces Return of More Than $300,000 to Medicaid Program From Multi-State Settlement With ResMed Corp.
FRANKFORT, Kentucky, Jan. 18 -- Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron issued the following news release:

Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that the Kentucky Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control has returned more than $300,000 to the state and federal Medicaid program as part of a joint settlement with other states and the federal government with ResMed Corp. ("ResMed").

ResMed is a provider of health care goods and services, including manufacturing and selling positive airway pressure machines, masks, and related supplies designed to treat or diagnose sleep-related respiratory ... Show Full Article

Kansas Gov. Kelly: Senate Votes to Approve Governor's Appointments
TOPEKA, Kansas, Jan. 18 -- Gov. Laura Kelly, D-Kansas, issued the following news:

The Kansas Senate voted Wednesday to confirm all 33 of Governor Laura Kelly's appointments heard and advanced by the Senate Confirmation Oversight Committee during the 2019 legislative interim.

Of the 33 confirmed appointments advanced by the Senate Confirmation Oversight Committee, three were Cabinet members, five were agency heads and the remaining 25 were board or commission members.

The three Cabinet-level appointments were DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Administration; Herman ... Show Full Article

Fla. Secretary of State Lee Designates One New Florida Main Street
TALLAHASSEE, Florida, Jan. 18 -- Florida Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee issued the following news release:

Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee announced the designation of Eatonville as a Florida Main Street community. The designation provides technical assistance from the Florida Main Street Program to support local revitalization and preservation efforts.

"I am happy to welcome Eatonville as the newest Florida Main Street community," said Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee. "Eatonville's designation as the nation's first incorporated African-American town shows the determination of a community ... Show Full Article