Tuesday - December 10, 2019
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Bucknell University's Ng Studies Generational Differences Among Temp Workforce
LEWISBURG, Pennsylvania, Dec. 9 [TNSsociologyresearch-Personnel Review journal] -- Bucknell University issued the following news:

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- Study Finds Baby Boomers Most Loyal, Millennials Prefer Employer Investment

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A November report indicates that temporary employment has been growing steadily in the U.S. for the last several years, with nearly 480,000 temp jobs being added from 2012-19 as companies seek more staffing flexibility. Among the current temp workforce, more than half (57%) are 35 or older.

Now a new study, co-authored by Eddy Ng, the James & Elizabeth Freeman Professor of ... Show Full Article

Wastewater Leak in West Texas Revealed by Satellite Radar Imagery, Sophisticated Modeling: Southern Methodist University
DALLAS, Texas, Dec. 7 [TNSscientificresearch-Scientific Reports journal] -- Southern Methodist University issued the following news:

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- Leakage in Ken Regan field could have contaminated groundwater for livestock and irrigation between 2007 and 2011

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Geophysicists at SMU say that evidence of leak occurring in a West Texas wastewater disposal well between 2007 and 2011 should raise concerns about the current potential for contaminated groundwater and damage to surrounding infrastructure.

SMU geophysicist Zhong Lu and the rest of his team believe the leak happened at a wastewater disposal ... Show Full Article

Reduced Soil Tilling Helps Both Soils and Yields, Stanford Researchers Find
STANFORD, California, Dec. 7 [TNSbiologyresearch-Environmental Research Letters journal] -- Stanford University issued the following news release:

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- By monitoring crops through machine learning and satellite data, Stanford scientists have found farms that till the soil less can increase yields of corn and soybeans and improve the health of the soil - a win-win for meeting growing food needs worldwide.

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Agriculture degrades over 24 million acres of fertile soil every year, raising concerns about meeting the rising global demand for food. But a simple farming practice born from the ... Show Full Article

Oh, Snap - Bacteria, Fungus Combo Can Help Crops Fight Salty Conditions: Florida International University
MIAMI, Florida, Dec. 7 [TNSbiologyresearch-Agronomy journal] -- Florida International University, a component of the public university system in Florida, issued the following news:

FIU researchers have found coating seeds with a fungus and a bacterium could help valuable crops block the one-two punch of saltier groundwater and soil.

The salt-sensitive snap bean, which contributes more than $105 million to Florida's economy every year, is particularly at risk. It is grown in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties, coastal communities where underground aquifers used for irrigation and drinking water ... Show Full Article

First Investigational Drug Therapy For Liver Disease NASH Awaiting FDA Approval: Virginia Commonwealth University
RICHMOND, Virginia, Dec. 7 [TNSmedicalresearch-The Lancet Journal] -- Virginia Commonwealth University issued the following news:

Patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a chronic liver disease and a leading cause for liver transplantation in the U.S., currently lack an approved drug therapy, but this may soon change. A large Phase III clinical trial designed in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University is the first to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of an oral medication to treat the disease.

The drug therapy is pending approval from the Food and Drug Administration. ... Show Full Article

Acupuncture Reduces Radiation-Induced Dry Mouth for Cancer Patients: University of Texas
HOUSTON, Texas, Dec. 7 [TNSmedicalresearch-JAMA Network Open journal] -- The University of Texas's MD Anderson Cancer Center issued the following news release:

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- Patients who had acupuncture during radiation reported less dry mouth symptoms up to 12 months after treatment

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After receiving acupuncture treatment three days a week during the course of radiation treatment, head and neck cancer patients experienced less dry mouth, according to study results from researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The trial results, published in JAMA Network Open, is the ... Show Full Article

'Conductor' Gene Found in Plant Root Stem Cell 'Orchestra': North Carolina State University
RALEIGH, North Carolina, Dec. 7 [TNSbiologyresearch-Nature Communications journal] -- North Carolina State University issued the following news release:

In a new paper, researchers at North Carolina State University lift the veil on the "conductor" plant root stem cell gene that helps orchestrate and coordinate stem cell division of different root stem cell types, ensuring the harmonic communication necessary for plant growth and maintenance.

Ross Sozzani, an NC State associate professor of plant and microbial biology and corresponding author of the paper, says that the conductor behind this ... Show Full Article