Friday - December 15, 2017
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UPMC Gift to Support Penn College Nursing Expansion in Wellsboro
WILLIAMSPORT, Pennsylvania, Dec. 14 -- The Pennsylvania College of Technology issued the following news:

The gift of a UPMC Susquehanna-owned property to Pennsylvania College of Technology will enable the college to address workforce and educational needs in the Northern Tier by expanding the nursing program it offers in Wellsboro.

The Penn College Board of Directors on Thursday approved transfer of the 8,400-square-foot facility at 22 Walnut St., Wellsboro, for $1. The agreement is contingent upon the college using the building to expand its Practical Nursing Program in Wellsboro.

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UMass Boston Report Provides Timely Cost Estimates on Paid Leave Ballot Question
BOSTON, Massachusetts, Dec. 14 -- The University of Massachusetts's Boston campus issued the following news release:

Massachusetts voters may head to the polls next fall to decide whether to make paid family and medical leave a required benefit, and a new report released by the McCormack Graduate School's Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy provides them with clear estimates on the proposed program's costs and coverage.

Authored by UMass Boston economist Randy Albelda and Alan Clayton-Matthews of Northeastern University, Paid Family and Medical Leave: Cost and Coverage Estimates of ... Show Full Article

School of Pharmacy, Health Professions Dean to Retire in 2018
OMAHA, Nebraska, Dec. 14 -- Creighton University issued the following news release:

Following a nearly 15-year career as the dean of the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, with interim stints at the highest levels of University leadership, J. Chris Bradberry, PharmD, will retire in 2018.

Under Bradberry's leadership, the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions greatly expanded its reach with the nation's first entry-level, distance-based doctor of occupational therapy pathway program, a partnership with the University of Alaska at Anchorage initiated in 2008. In ... Show Full Article

SJR State Law Enforcement and Corrections Cadets Recognized
PALATKA, Florida, Dec. 14 -- St. Johns River State College issued the following news release:

St. Johns River State College criminal justice academy cadets were recently recognized during a graduation ceremony. Cadets representing St. Johns, Clay, Putnam, Duval and other counties received their certificates of completion for the Florida Law Enforcement Academy and Florida Corrections Officer Academy basic recruit programs.

St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar addressed the graduates as the keynote speaker.

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Intervention Offered in Kindergarten Readiness Program Boosts Children's Self-Regulation Skills
CORVALLIS, Oregon, Dec. 14 -- Oregon State University issued the following news release:

Adding a daily 20 to 30 minute self-regulation intervention to a kindergarten readiness program significantly boosted children's self-regulation and early academic skills, an Oregon State University researcher has found.

Self-regulation skills - the skills that help children pay attention, follow directions, stay on task and persist through difficulty - are critical to a child's success in kindergarten and beyond. The intervention, co-developed and tested by OSU's Megan McClelland, a nationally-recognized ... Show Full Article

Coalition Seeks to Increase Transparency on Life Science Career Prospects
BALTIMORE, Maryland, Dec. 14 -- Johns Hopkins University issued the following news release:

Nine U.S. research universities and a major cancer institute today announced plans to give would-be life scientists clear, standardized data on graduate school admissions, education and training opportunities, and career prospects.

The institutions formed the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science in response to the focus of many new Ph.D.s. solely on pursuing a limited number of traditional faculty positions and to the lack of good marketplace information on training and career options.

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'Sultan and Saint' Docudrama to Be Shown Dec. 26 on PBS; Film Features SBU Scholars
ST. BONAVENTURE, New York, Dec. 14 -- St. Bonaventure University issued the following news release:

In 1219, Saint Francis of Assisi risked his life and crossed Crusade lines to meet Egypt's sultan. This remarkable story of two men of faith that occurred nearly 800 years ago is captured in the docudrama "The Sultan and the Saint," which will be premiering nationwide on PBS Dec. 26.

Fr. Michael Calabria, O.F.M.,Ph.D., a Franciscan who was interviewed on camera for the film, said the story continues to have tremendous relevance in the contemporary world.

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