Wednesday - September 30, 2020
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University of Warwick: HRT Prescriptions Lower in the Most Deprived Areas of England - New Study
COVENTRY, England, Sept. 30 (TNSJou) -- The University of Warwick issued the following news release on Sept. 29:

Prescription rates for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are lower in more deprived areas of England compared to affluent areas, a new study from the University of Warwick has found.

Researchers at Warwick Medical School found that the overall prescribing rate of HRT was 29% lower in GP practices from the most socioeconomically deprived fifth compared to least deprived fifth.

They have published the results of an analysis of prescription rates for HRT and socioeconomic status in England ... Show Full Article

University of Nevada: Cleaning for COVID-19 - Are Household Disinfectants and Sanitizers Harmful to Our Health?
RENO, Nevada, Sept. 30 -- The University of Nevada issued the following news:

We get used to the new normal - sanitization - in the COVID-19 world. Every day, we apply various chemical disinfectants in our homes, offices and classrooms, aiming to kill the novel coronavirus on high-touch surfaces. The novel coronavirus has been found to remain viable on hard, non-porous surfaces for hours to even days. To date, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and regulatory agencies in other countries have published lists of recommended cleaning products for use against the virus. The virucidal ingredients ... Show Full Article

University of Lethbridge: Grant to Aid in Developing New Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease
LETHBRIDGE, Alberta, Sept. 30 (TNSRes) -- The University of Lethbridge issued the following news:

The University of Lethbridge's Dr. Majid Mohajerani and two partners from Laval University are creating new tools for neuroscience research that they'll use to test out a promising drug target for Alzheimer's disease. If successful, their research could lead to new treatments to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease symptoms, delay progression of the disease or even restore normal function after symptoms have appeared.

The research is made possible thanks to a grant of nearly $1 million over three ... Show Full Article

University of Illinois: Gene Expression Altered By Direction of Forces Acting on Cell
CHAMPAIGN, Illinois, Sept. 30 (TNSJou) -- The University of Illinois System Urbana-Champaign campus issued the following news release:

Tissues and cells in the human body are subjected to a constant push and pull - strained by other cells, blood pressure and fluid flow, to name a few. The type and direction of the force on a cell alters gene expression by stretching different regions of DNA, researchers at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and collaborators in China found in a new study.

The findings could provide insights into physiology and diseases such as fibrosis, cardiovascular disease ... Show Full Article

Royal College of Nursing: Response to the NHS Confederation Report 'NHS Reset - A New Direction for Health and Care'
LONDON, England, Sept. 30 (TNSRes) -- The Royal College of Nursing issued the following statement on Sept. 29 by Dame Donna Kinnair, chief executive and general secretary:

* * *

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) today commented on the NHS Confederation's report, NHS Reset: A new direction for health and care.

Dame Donna Kinnair, RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary, said:

"This deeply concerning report shows the urgent need for investment in our health services, to make them sustainable and ensure patient safety.

"Nursing is an area of particular concern that we have repeatedly highlighted. ... Show Full Article

Purdue: International Programs Uses Virtual Model to Expand Access, Collaboration During Pandemic
WEST LAFAYETTE, Indiana, Sept. 30 (TNSCon) -- Purdue University issued the following news release:

Purdue University students have the opportunity to work with students and faculty in Peru, Brazil and other parts of the world thanks to a new program offered through Purdue's International Programs.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic suspending study abroad programs, Michael Brzezinski, dean of International Programs, set out in May with his staff to find ways faculty and students could still have intercultural learning experiences.

Brzezinski, faculty and staff explored what could be done to take ... Show Full Article

Missouri University of Science and Technology: Researchers Use Amino Acids to Grow High-Performance Copper Thin Films
ROLLA, Missouri, Sept. 30 (TNSRes) -- Missouri University of Science and Technology issued the following news release:

For the first time, researchers from Missouri S&T have shown that highly ordered copper thin films can be crystallized directly on a one-molecule-thick layer of organic material rather than on the inorganic substrates that have been used for years.

The copper thin films they've produced are excellent candidates for use as underlying substances for solar cells, LEDs, and high-temperature superconductors, says Dr. Jay Switzer, Chancellor's Professor and Curators' Distinguished ... Show Full Article