Tuesday - May 28, 2024
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University of New South Wales: More Than 300 Million Child Victims of Online Sexual Abuse Globally: Report
SYDNEY, Australia, May 28 (TNSres) -- The University of New South Wales issued the following news:

Research reveals the global scale of child sexual abuse and exploitation for the first time.

This report contains material that references child abuse. Readers may find the content confronting or disturbing. To speak to a Lifeline Crisis Supporter, phone 13 11 14.

More than 300 million children a year are victims of online sexual abuse and exploitation, according to an estimate of the global scale of the crisis.

Around one in eight children worldwide (approximately 302 million children) have been ... Show Full Article

University of Groningen: Ministry of Defence Sustained Difficult Position of Women in Armed Forces
GRONINGEN, The Netherlands, May 28 -- The University of Groningen issued the following news release:

Women and armed forces - for decades, it has been an unfortunate combination. Recruiting, retaining, and promoting women is a problem for the Ministry of Defence. With her research, PhD student Kim Bootsma shows that this has been going on for decades and that, initially, the Ministry of Defence sustained this problem. Bootsma will be awarded a PhD by the University of Groningen on 6 June.

The Ministry of Defence is trying to recruit and retain more women, but they seem to be unable to succeed. ... Show Full Article

University in Bochum: Moving Components in Miniature
BOCHUM, Germany, May 28 (TNSres) -- The University in Bochum issued the following news release:

Electromagnetic engines can't be reduced to just any size. It takes clever engineering tricks to generate active movement in miniature format. Researchers in Bochum are constantly coming up with new technologies.

Over the years, a great many technical components have been shrunk in size. But miniaturization reaches its limits when tiny systems are supposed to move actively, because conventional electromagnetic motors become inefficient when reduced to miniature format. Researchers from the Chair of ... Show Full Article

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University: Addressing Gender-Based Violence Annual Report 2023
MELBOURNE, Australia, May 28 (TNSres) -- The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University issued the following statement:

* * *

RMIT has reached a significant point of reflection in our work to prevent, and respond to, gender-based violence at the University, with the release of our Addressing Gender-Based Violence Annual Report 2023.

The report measures progress against the strategic goals set out in our Addressing Gender-Based Violence Strategic Action Plan 2023-2027 and reflects RMIT's ongoing commitment to addressing this critical issue and the efforts we have undertaken to create ... Show Full Article

Ritsumeikan Signs New Cooperation Agreement and Student Exchange Agreement With O.P. Jindal Global University
KYOTO, Japan, May 28 -- Ritsumeikan University issued the following news on May 27, 2024:

On Thursday, April 25, an agreement signing ceremony with O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) was held at Ritsumeikan University's Suzaku Campus. With the signing of the student exchange agreement, JGU becomes Ritsumeikan University's first student exchange partner in India. The agreements were signed by JGU Vice Chancellor C. Raj Kumar and Ritsumeikan University President Yoshio Nakatani.

The other attendees from JGU were Professor Mohan Kumar (Dean, Strategic and International Initiatives and Director, ... Show Full Article

Louisiana State University: Supporting Louisiana's Rice Farmers
BATON ROUGE, Louisiana, May 28 (TNSres) -- Louisiana State University issued the following news release:

The LSU AgCenter is Louisiana rice farmers' MVP, or most valued partner, in research and crop variety development. From creating a new market for jasmine rice, to producing varieties of rice that are better for diabetics and more sustainable and resilient to changes in the environment, the LSU AgCenter has been critical to the Louisiana rice industry for more than 100 years. The research also has world-wide impact since one-fifth of the global population's calories comes from rice.

"The value ... Show Full Article

Griffith University: Future Climate Impacts Put Whale Diet at Risk
GOLD COAST, Australia, May 28 (TNSres) -- Griffith University issued the following news:

By Carley Rosengreen

A new study led by Griffith University predicts future climate change impacts could disrupt the krill-heavy diet that humpback whales in the southern hemisphere consume.

Dr Jasmin GroB, who conducted the study as a PhD candidate at Griffith's Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security analysed fatty acids and stable isotopes from blubber and skin samples of five different humpback whale populations around the southern hemisphere.

These levels were then compared with those of their ... Show Full Article