Tuesday - January 26, 2021
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Valdosta State University: Board of Regents Announces National Search for Next Chancellor
VALDOSTA, Georgia, Jan. 26 (TNSPer) -- Valdosta State University issued the following news release on Jan. 25:

Board of Regents Chairman Sachin Shailendra announced today the appointment of the Regents Search Advisory Group to help conduct a national search for the 14th chancellor of the University System of Georgia (USG).

The decision comes as Chancellor Steve Wrigley has announced plans to retire July 1, 2021, after 36 years in public service.

The Regents Search Advisory Group will work with the executive search firm of Parker Executive Search. While final details are being worked out, the ... Show Full Article

University of Kansas: Study Finds Overidentification Skews Online Job Reviews
LAWRENCE, Kansas, Jan. 26 (TNSJou) -- The University of Kansas issued the following news:

Corporate consultants have preached "aligning" oneself with one's workplace for decades. And a new study shows how far some have taken the notion, to the point they are quite willing to tell flattering lies about their organization to online review sites like Glassdoor.

A focus on "commitment" -- as opposed to "identification" -- that includes ethical behavior and takes a longer view could counteract this tendency, according to a paper published in the Journal of Applied Communication Research. The paper's ... Show Full Article

University of California Santa Cruz: Energy Spent Avoiding Humans Linked to Smaller Home Ranges for Male Pumas
SANTA CRUZ, California, Jan. 26 (TNSJou) -- The University of California Santa Cruz campus issued the following news:

In the Santa Cruz mountains, pumas are top predators, patrolling a diverse landscape of forests, meadows, peaks, and valleys. But "mountain lion country" is also bordered by coastal cities to the west and Silicon Valley to the east, with major roadways and fringes of development reaching into wildlands. As a result, humans have become a major source of mortality and fear for these cats. UC Santa Cruz researchers have shown that pumas will go to great lengths to avoid human "super ... Show Full Article

Tarrant County College, Rep. Turner Co-Host Meeting on Education, Workforce Needs
FORT WORTH, Texas, Jan. 26 -- Tarrant County College issued the following news release:

In preparation for the State of Texas' 87th Legislative Session, Tarrant County College Southeast recently hosted State Representative Chris Turner, chairman of the Texas House Committee on Higher Education for an interactive session addressing the critical role community colleges play in meeting current and future workforce needs, as well as policy recommendations to support Texas students and their pursuits to complete credentials and enter the workforce.

Attendees included TCC Southeast President William ... Show Full Article

Northern Arizona University Doctoral Student Leads Paleoclimate Study of Precipitation and Sea Ice in Arctic Alaska
FLAGSTAFF, Arizona, Jan. 26 (TNSJou) -- Northern Arizona University issued the following news:

Arctic sea ice is rapidly diminishing due to global warming, and scientists have found that sea ice dynamics have a big impact on circulation and precipitation patterns in Arctic Alaska, which lies at a climatological crossroads between the Arctic and North Pacific oceans. Recent studies--most of which focus on current trends in the region and on what will happen in the future--have shown that circulation patterns in the Arctic and North Pacific oceans influence one another.

Northern Arizona University ... Show Full Article

Kansas Wesleyan University: Houk Named Director of Recruitment and Alumni and Parent Engagement
SALINA, Kansas, Jan. 26 (TNSPer) -- Kansas Wesleyan University issued the following news:

Kansas Wesleyan University has named alumna Claire Houk (Massey) '17 Director of Recruitment and Alumni and Parent Engagement, effective immediately.

Houk '17 enters her new role following several months as the Associate Director of Admissions. In her new position, she will assist with strategy regarding recruitment and admissions processes, as well as helping to manage the day-to-day processes in the admissions office. In addition, she will take the lead on many campus events, both virtual and on-ground ... Show Full Article

Cornell: Chess Engine Sacrifices Mastery to Mimic Human Play
ITHACA, New York, Jan. 26 (TNSRes) -- Cornell University issued the following news:

When it comes to chess, computers seem to have nothing left to prove.

Since IBM's Deep Blue defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997, advances in artificial intelligence have made chess-playing computers more and more formidable. No human has beaten a computer in a chess tournament in 15 years.

In new research, a team including Jon Kleinberg, the Tisch University Professor of Computer Science, developed an artificially intelligent chess engine that doesn't necessarily seek to beat humans - it's trained ... Show Full Article