Thursday - May 26, 2022
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University of Arkansas' Walton College of Business: COVID Vaccine Efficacy Results Influenced by Vaccine Trial Locations
FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas, May 26 (TNSjou) -- The University of Arkansas' Walton College of Business issued the following news:

A new study by a U of A information systems researcher and his colleague at the University of Waikato in New Zealand shows that COVID vaccine trials conducted in geographic locations with low infection rates had higher efficacy results, compared to trials in locations with high infection rates.

Puzzled by efficacy rates of approved COVID-19 vaccines ranging from 95 to 45 percent, Abhijith Anand, assistant professor in the Sam M. Walton College of Business, and Rajeev Sharma, ... Show Full Article

USC Annenberg School for Communication Inclusion Initiative and MTV Entertainment Establish Mental Health Storytelling Initiative
LOS ANGELES, California, May 26 (TNSpar) -- University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism issued the following news:

USC's Annenberg Inclusion Initiative has received support from MTV Entertainment Studios to become the long-term home of the Mental Health Storytelling Initiative. The unprecedented effort by a coalition of more than 60 entertainment industry partners and mental health expert organizations is designed to revolutionize the narrative on mental health -- and extend its programming and research on media representation of this urgent issue.

MTVE's ... Show Full Article

Purdue, Rolls-Royce Sign 10-Year, $75 Million Strategic Alliance Agreement
WEST LAFAYETTE, Indiana, May 26 (TNSres) -- Purdue University issued the following news release:

Purdue University and Rolls-Royce officials have signed a research and testing agreement that will bring $75 million over 10 years to the West Lafayette campus. It is the largest deal with an industry partner in Purdue history.

The Purdue and Rolls-Royce relationship has thrived for more than 70 years, highlighted by millions of dollars invested in aerospace testing technology, sponsorship of graduate student research fellowships and more than 600 Purdue graduates among the company's current workforce ... Show Full Article

Nanyang Technological University: Study Pinpoints How Fatty Liver Disease Leads to Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
SINGAPORE, May 26 (TNSres) -- Nanyang Technological University issued the following news release:

A team of researchers led by NTU scientists have discovered why patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, thus shedding light on why the leading cause of mortality in NAFLD patients is cardiovascular complications instead of liver damage.

The researchers found that NAFLD prompts the over-production of a class of proteins that cause inflammation and damage to their blood vessels.

NAFLD is a general term for liver diseases affecting patients ... Show Full Article

Johns Hopkins: Gun Violence Prevention Experts React to Texas School Shooting
BALTIMORE, Maryland, May 26 (TNSreact) -- Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health issued the following news release:

Experts with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions offer evidence-based policies and practices that are known to reduce mass shootings.

Gun violence prevention experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions reacted to news of a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

Silvia Villarreal, director of research translation at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions, said:

"We are ... Show Full Article

Ashleigh Graveline Promoted to Clinical Associate Professor at Clarkson University
POTSDAM, New York, May 26 (TNSper) -- Clarkson University issued the following news:

Clarkson University President Tony Collins has announced that Ashleigh Graveline has been promoted from clinical assistant professor to clinical associate professor of occupational therapy in the Earl R. and Barbara D. Lewis School of Health Sciences.

Graveline came to Clarkson in 2018. She received her bachelor of science in health studies and her master of science in occupational therapy from Utica College, she received her doctorate degree from Chatham University.

Graveline focuses her research in the mental ... Show Full Article

Anterix Partnership Brings 4G/5G Research Network to Texas State
SAN MARCOS, Texas, May 26 (TNSres) -- Texas State University issued the following news release:

Texas State University has partnered with Anterix, a private broadband network company, to establish a university-wide, cutting-edge, 4G/5G broadband network.

Utilizing Anterix's 900MHz broadband spectrum, Texas State will be in a league of its own once the system is fully implemented. The only other major research institution with such a license is the National Renewable Energy Lab.

"We get to do research and development in 4G and 5G using 900-megahertz spectrum," said Andres Carvallo, professor ... Show Full Article