Wednesday - September 30, 2020
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North Carolinians Can't Trust Donald Trump. Here's Why
RALEIGH, North Carolina, Sept. 30 -- The North Carolina Democratic Party issued the following news:

Donald Trump has already broken many of his key campaign promises to North Carolina's families. He did not protect North Carolinians' health care, Social Security or Medicare; he failed to stand up to China and secure a trade deal that helped workers; he failed to boost the economy or fight for American workers; and he definitely did not drain the swamp.

North Carolinians just can't trust Donald Trump. Here's why.

CLAIM: Trump promised North Carolinians that he would protect pre-existing condition ... Show Full Article

North Carolina Republican Party: Democrat-Only NCSBE Commands Counties Follow Illegal Absentee Procedures
RALEIGH, North Carolina, Sept. 30 -- The North Carolina Republican Party issued the following news:

Late last night, merely hours before the review of absentee ballots began, the North Carolina State Board of Elections sent out an email commanding that county boards comply with Director Bell's illegal, unconstitutional memos or be fired.

To make matters worse, the 100 percent Democratic-controlled NCSBE is pushing this sham guidance out while Governor Roy Cooper has thus far refused to appoint any of the Republican nominees submitted to him four days ago.

The Bipartisan Election Act of 2020 ... Show Full Article

National Republican Senatorial Committee: A Note About North Carolina BBQgate...
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 -- The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued the following news release:

Cal Cunningham's BBQ-gate tweet last night is about more than just barbecue.

"No self-respecting son of Lexington would ever [call grilling barbecue]," Cunningham told The News & Observer. But that's exactly what he did, and we figured out where he got it from: his benefactor, liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

BBQ-gate is just the latest example of how Cunningham will do or say whatever the national Democrats who recruited him and have kept him locked up in Schumer's "windowless basement" ... Show Full Article

NV Dems Statement on Tonight's First Presidential Debate
LAS VEGAS, Nevada, Sept. 30 -- The Nevada Democratic Party issued the following statement by Chair William McCurdy II:

* * *

Ahead of tonight's first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

"Tonight, Donald Trump will offer more lies and empty rhetoric to distract from his failing economy and reckless attempts to overturn the Affordable Care Act and rip away health care coverage from working families.

"But Nevadans won't be fooled. Trump has had four years to deliver on his promises to Nevada ... Show Full Article

Montana Democratic Party: Indian Caucus Urges Daines to Hold Off on Filling Supreme Court Vacancy
HELENA, Montana, Sept. 30 -- The Montana Democratic Party issued the following news release on Sept. 29:

Yesterday, the Montana Legislature's Indian Caucus sent a letter to Senator Steve Daines "strongly oppos[ing] the filling of this vacant seat prior to the next U.S. presidential inauguration." This comes as Daines is trying to rush through a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court which could have devastating implications for tribal communities' access to health care.

Leaders in Indian Country have been "pleading" that the Affordable Care Act stay in place - noting that a repeal of the law ... Show Full Article

Missouri Democratic Party Statement on KC Star Editorial on Roeber
KANSAS CITY, Missouri, Sept. 30 -- The Democratic Party of Missouri issued the following statement:

* * *

After the editorial printed in the Kansas City Star detailing claims of alleged abuses made by children and the former spouse of candidate Rick Roeber, Missouri Democratic Party Acting Chair Clem Smith released the following statement:

"The alleged acts of abuse are truly horrific. Our thoughts are with the survivors, we hope they have been able to get the help needed to heal from these traumas."

"An elected official is supposed to take responsibility for their actions. The stories of Rick ... Show Full Article

Democratic Party of Georgia: Ahead of First Presidential Debate, Health Care Practitioners, Georgians With Pre-Existing Conditions Call Out Attacks on Health Care
ATLANTA, Georgia, Sept. 30 -- The Democratic Party of Georgia issued the following news release on Sept. 29:

Today, ahead of the first presidential debate, the Democratic Party of Georgia held a virtual press conference where Georgians called out Trump's failed leadership on health care and its dangerous impact for America.

Watch the full video from the press conference here

"There is a lot at stake right now, and it's really important that we focus on healthcare as one of our most important issues - and the most important ... Show Full Article