Sunday - January 19, 2020
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N.J. Assembly Democrats Speight, Tucker, Pinkin Legislation to Improve Awareness of End-of-Life Care Signed Into Law
TRENTON, New Jersey, Jan. 18 -- The New Jersey Assembly Democrats issued the following news:

With nearly 40 million adults throughout the country having a serious illness within the past three years and nearly 20 million suffering from chronic pain that interferes with their daily activities, Assembly Democrats Shanique Speight, Cleopatra Tucker and Nancy Pinkin have sponsored three bills to improve access to both palliative and end-of-life care in New Jersey. One of those bills was signed into law Monday, while the other two received full legislative approval.

The aim of each bill is to help ... Show Full Article

Kelly's Questions: Loeffler Still Not Answering Basic Questions About Her '100%' Support of the GOP's Dangerous Agenda
ATLANTA, Georgia, Jan. 18 -- The Georgia Democratic Party issued the following news release:

* * *

- Loeffler silent about the harmful impacts of the Senate GOP's reckless and unpopular agenda on Georgia families

* * *

It's been a rough week two for "political mega-donor" Kelly Loeffler as she continues to march in lock-step with Washington Republicans -- even while her own party's president still won't congratulate her on her Senate appointment.

But even with her second week in the books, Loeffler still won't answer key questions about the GOP's toxic and reckless agenda she supports "100%." ... Show Full Article

In Week 1 of Session, 'Sharp Divisions' Already Fracturing Georgia Republicans
ATLANTA, Georgia, Jan. 18 -- The Georgia Democratic Party issued the following news release:

It didn't take long for Georgia Republicans to put Georgians aside in favor of partisan bickering over competing extreme agendas. Barely one week into the legislative session, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that "sharp divisions" have already formed over Governor* Brian Kemp's extreme agenda, as Kemp and top Republicans contradict each other at every turn over issues that could have severe and lasting impacts on Georgia families.

While Speaker Ralston called discrimination legislation like ... Show Full Article

House Completes Bill Filing Process for 2020 Session
OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, Jan. 18 -- The Oklahoma Democratic Party issued the following news release:

The Oklahoma House of Representatives completed bill filing Thursday for the second session of the 57th Legislature. A total of 1,361 House Bills, 16 House Joint Resolutions and 4 House Concurrent Resolutions were filed.

The full text of the bills, along with additional information including authors and coauthors, can be found online at

Last year, the Clerk of the House reported 1,733 House bills and 21 House Joint Resolutions were filed. For the 2018 session, 1,193 House bills ... Show Full Article

Democratic National Committee Chair Perez Issues Joint Statement on President Trump Rollback of Protections for LGBTQ Americans
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- The Democratic National Committee issued the following joint statement by Chair Tom Perez with LGBTQ Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes and Interfaith Council Co-Chair Sarah Levin in response to President Trump's effort to undermine equal rights and endorse the discrimination of LGBTQ Americans:

"It is insulting and dangerous to conflate religious freedom with federally-funded discrimination against LGBTQ people.

"The Trump administration's latest effort to roll back antidiscrimination protections in access to federal funding risks taking vital health, housing, and education services ... Show Full Article

Congressional Black Caucus Adopts 21st Century Infrastructure Principles for the 116th Congress
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- The Congressional Black Caucus issued the following news release:

This week the Congressional Black Caucus officially adopted the principles of the CBC Infrastructure Task Force, which is Chaired by House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn. The Congressional Black Caucus has developed these infrastructure principles to help guide this Congress on building a stronger, more effective nation that works for every American--not just a select few. The 7 principles are as follows:

Redefining Infrastructure.

Providing Robust, Long-Term Federal Funding.

Connecting People with Opportunity.

Promoting ... Show Full Article

'Voters Continued to Sour' on Republican Incumbents - Top Five Most Vulnerable Now Underwater
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued the following news release:

The latest round of Morning Consult polling shows that vulnerable Republican Senators have continued to lose support from "voters of all political stripes." Here are the highlights of Senate Republicans' increasingly precarious position heading into the 2020 election:

* The top five vulnerable incumbents - Senators Collins, Gardner, Ernst, McSally, and Tillis - are underwater and four of them rank among the most unpopular Senators in the country

* Susan Collins is now the most unpopular Senator ... Show Full Article