Sunday - October 1, 2023
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HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, Sept. 30 -- The Pennsylvania Democratic Party issued the following news:

New reporting from Business Insider has caught David McCormick in yet another lie as part of his failed attempts to cover up his support for an abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest. The report finds that McCormick removed a page on his campaign website describing himself as "staunchly pro-life" at a time when Republican leadership is ringing the alarm that "pro-life" candidates are out of step with voters.

The story comes after a report from WESA caught McCormick deleting footage from ... Show Full Article

Ohio Democratic Party: #OHSEN Slugfest Shutdown Edition - LaRose and Moreno Fight Over Who Cares About Ohioans The Least... Just Another Day in The Senate Slugfest
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 30 -- The Ohio Democratic Party issued the following news:

With a government shutdown looming, the infighting is only escalating with Frank LaRose and Bernie Moreno clashing over shutting down the federal government and competing for the title of who cares about Ohioans the least.

Here's what you missed this week in what has already been called one of the "messiest, "most expensive" and "bruising" primary battles in the country.


Ohio's Senate Slugfest is already "the messiest Senate primary" in the country with ... Show Full Article

Idaho Democratic Party: A Message From the Chair - Looming GOP Shutdown Will Hurt Idahoans
BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 30 -- The Idaho Democratic Party issued the following news item in a blog entry:

Good governance means compromise and working across the aisle for the common good. An essential governance responsibility in Congress is to pass the budgets that keep the nation operating and our economy churning. The financial stability of Idahoans is now at risk because House Republicans are refusing to make the compromises necessary to avoid a government shutdown. But you don't have to take my word for it.

As the crisis reaches a fever pitch and we approach the September 30 deadline, House ... Show Full Article

INDems Statement on Expansion of UAW Strike
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, Sept. 30 -- The Indiana Democratic Party issued the following statement on Sept. 29, 2023:

* * *

The Indiana Democratic Party released the following statement today from Chair Mike Schmuhl in solidarity with the UAW and autoworkers as their strike expands today:

"Indiana Democrats stand in solidarity with the United Auto Workers as their strike expands today, including the Hoosiers now on strike who work across state lines at the Chicago Ford assembly plant.

"Autoworkers are fighting for their fair share of the hundreds of billions in profit the Big Three have made in ... Show Full Article

Democratic Party of Georgia: MAGA Government Shutdown Will Delay Small Businesses Financing, Disaster Assistance, and Travel for Georgians
ATLANTA, Georgia, Sept. 30 -- The Democratic Party of Georgia issued the following news release on Sept. 29, 2023:

Today, MAGA Republicans in Congress - Marjorie Taylor Greene, Buddy Carter, Drew Ferguson, Rich McCormick, Austin Scott, Andrew Clyde, Mike Collins, Barry Loudermilk, and Rick Allen - continue to threaten Georgians' wellbeing with a disastrous GOP government shutdown that would cut off financing for small businesses, delay disaster assistance, and create a travel nightmare for Georgians across the state.

"With less than 48 hours until a government shutdown entirely of their own making, ... Show Full Article

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: Don Bacon Chooses Partisanship Over Nebraskans, Votes to Gut Critical Programs
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 -- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following news release:

Don Bacon worked overtime this week trying to convince voters that he's willing to cross the aisle to avert a government shutdown. But when push came to shove, he sided with his party and voted for devastating cuts to law enforcement, education, Social Security and small businesses.

No matter what he tells Nebraskans, the truth is that Bacon voted to:

* Defund law enforcement by slashing funding for the FBI, DEA and other cuts that could lead to the elimination of hundreds of state and ... Show Full Article

DSCC: Infighting Continues to Escalate in GOP Senate Primaries
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30 -- The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued the following news release on Sept. 29, 2023:

This week, as Senate Republicans' "increasingly crowded" and "contested" primaries continue to cause "headaches," their "intraparty rifts that defined the 2022 cycle and contributed to the GOP's loss[es]" were once again on full display in races across the map.

* In Michigan, while Mike Rogers attended the Michigan GOP's 35th biennial Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island, the DSCC flew a plane over the island highlighting Michigan Republicans' "contentious," ... Show Full Article