Sunday - June 24, 2018
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Video: Why Is Curbelo Backing Up Trump, Instead of Our Community?
WASHINGTON, June 22 -- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following news release:

The DCCC launched a new 30 second web video today drawing a direct line between the talking points Congressman Curbelo now parrots in Washington and the Trump administration officials that he learned them from.

Here's what Congressman Curbelo had to say when he was confronted about turning his back on immigrant families: "I wish you had been upset when the Obama Administration had children in cages"

And here is President Trump and his administration using the same false talking points.

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The Threats Against the United States Will Only Increase
WASHINGTON, June 22 -- The Ripon Society issued the following news release:

In remarks yesterday morning before a breakfast meeting of The Ripon Society, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) outlined the effort she is spearheading on Capitol Hill to not only rebuild America's military, but make America more energy secure.

"Without a strong national defense, we simply do not have a nation," Ernst stated. "As a member of the Armed Services Committee and the Chair of the Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee, I have oversight over our emerging threats and those who are responsible for addressing ... Show Full Article

Seeking Historic Libertarian Party Items for National Convention
WASHINGTON, June 22 -- The Libertarian Party issued the following news release:

It has been just more than a year since the Libertarian Party Historical Preservation Committee was formed, and it has been an incredible journey. I have been privileged to travel to many state conventions and talk to many of you about the progress of this project and future plans, and during this time, have become aware that there are many treasures in the possession of our long-time members. If you have something from our early history, the Committee invites you to bring it with you to the National Convention in ... Show Full Article

Rep. Mock Attending Rising State Leaders Program in Canada
GRAND FORKS, North Dakota, June 22 -- The North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party issued the following news release:

North Dakota House Minority Leader Representative Corey Mock (District 18) is one of six American state legislators selected to participate in the Embassy of Canada's Rising State Leaders program.

The 6-day educational working tour will visit Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia, Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, and Calgary in Alberta. During their time in Canada, the delegation will meet with legislators and business leaders to underscore the importance of US-Canada cooperation ... Show Full Article

Florida Democratic Party Announces New Hires for 2018 Elections
TALLAHASSEE, Florida, June 22 -- The Florida Democratic Party issued the following news:

The Florida Democratic Party announced Friday it is expanding its staff once again ahead of the critical 2018 midterm elections. The party is continuing to increase field operations to reach voters across the state, hiring a new coordinated director, field director, and plans to hire dozens of organizers ahead of the August primary.

"It's going to take a committed, experienced, and motivated staff of Democrats to help us take back Florida after nearly 20-year of Republican rule - and we are building a team ... Show Full Article

DCCC Chair Lujan Recognizes Jared Golden as Part of 'Red to Blue' Program
WASHINGTON, June 22 -- The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued the following news release:

DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan today announced that Jared Golden has earned a spot on the DCCC's highly competitive Red to Blue program.

Golden has worked hard in his community to earn a spot on Red to Blue by surpassing aggressive goals for grassroots engagement, local support, campaign organization, and fundraising. Beyond his demonstrated abilities to build a winning campaign infrastructure, Golden has deep roots in the district and a persuasive message that helped drive him to victory in ... Show Full Article

75 Days, Over 140 Bad Stories About Scott
WASHINGTON, June 22 -- The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued the following news release:

Five days ago we shared how Rick Scott has suffered over 100 scathing stories in the first 70 days of his campaign -- today he's up to over 140. His failure to forcefully condemn Trump's family separation policy, toxic health care agenda and fresh revelations about his corruption have all dominated the race. With a record like this it's no wonder Scott couldn't win by more than 1 point in historic GOP wave elections and spent more money to get fewer votes than any other Republican. See for yourself:

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