Saturday - April 21, 2018
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Tim Pawlenty Headlines Hate Group Dinner To Discuss His Homophobic Record
WASHINGTON, April 19 -- The Democratic Governors Association issued the following news:

Tim Pawlenty is set to headline the Minnesota Family Council annual dinner tomorrow night (though, the party outside hosted by Outfront Minnesota sounds a lot more fun).

You may recall the Minnesota Family Council advocated "for laws that criminalize lesbian, gay, and bisexual Minnesotans" and disseminated widely debunked myths, such as the LGBTQ community being more likely to become pedophiles or committing acts of beastiality.

His relationship with the virulently anti-LGBT group goes all the way back to ... Show Full Article

Teacher Walk-Ins Continue as Statewide Strike Against Doug Ducey Looms
PHOENIX, Arizona, April 19 -- The Arizona Democratic Party issued the following news release:

For a third straight week, Arizona Teachers yesterday continued to carry out "walk-in" protests at schools across the state. These walk-ins came just hours before #REDforED officials prepare to announce whether or not the state's teachers will carry out with a statewide strike against Gov. Doug Ducey and his failed record on education, including the lowest teacher pay in the nation.

Even the Arizona PTA and Arizona Save Our Schools PAC, which were open to his proposal, realized Ducey provided only a ... Show Full Article

Mason Flip-Flops to Kill Bill Protecting Mainers' Internet Privacy
WESTBROOK, Maine, April 19 -- The Maine Democratic Party issued the following news release:

Republican gubernatorial candidate and Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason today flip-flopped on a bill aimed at protecting the personal information of Maine internet users. Despite testifying in support of LD 1610 last year, Mason today cast a deciding vote that killed the measure in the Senate. Introduced by Democratic Senator Shenna Bellows, LD 1610 would have prohibited any internet provider that receives public funding from sharing or selling users' personal information without consent. The bill also ... Show Full Article

Make DeSantis Wait Again: With Trump in Florida, DeSantis Does Everything He Can to Get the President's Attention
TALLAHASSEE, Florida, April 19 -- The Florida Democratic Party issued the following news:

Donald Trump is back in Florida for the week and hobnobbing with the likes of everyone from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Marco Rubio to Carlos Curbelo.

Yet the President's biggest supporter is being left out: Ron DeSantis.

On April 2 -- seventeen days ago -- DeSantis told the Polo Republican Club that "I think the president's going to come down for me very soon. Which will be very good." Yet instead of actually campaigning for DeSantis, Trump has made him wait. It's not the first time. As Politico ... Show Full Article

Here's All the Ways Bill Schuette's 'Superficial Posturing' Failed the People of Flint
LANSING, Michigan, April 19 -- The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following news release:

In response to Bill Schuette's hypocritical comments to the Detroit News that, "There are many candidates willing to play politics with peoples lives in Flint," the Michigan Democratic Party is calling out Schuette for trying to ignore his own record of failure and "superficial posturing" when it comes to the Flint water crisis.

In contrast to Bill Schuette's latest hypocritical posturing, here's all the ways he failed the people of Flint when it mattered most:

* Bill Schuette's office signed off ... Show Full Article

Democratic Party of Oregon Accepting Applications for Senate District 1 Nominee
PORTLAND, Oregon, April 19 -- The Oregon Democratic Party issued the following news release:

The Democratic Party of Oregon is currently accepting applications from eligible Democrats in Senate District 1 to serve as their party's nominee in the November election. The resignation of former Senator Jeff Kruse in March prompted a special election to fill the remaining two years of Kruse's term, until 2020.

Prospective candidates must meet the minimum requirements to hold the office. Those include: being a registered Democrat for at least 180 days before the effective date of the resignation, living ... Show Full Article

#TBT: June 2017: Experts Suggest Charity Illegally Gave Donor List to Greitens' Campaign, Hawley Declines Comment
JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri, April 19 -- The Democratic Party of Missouri issued the following news release:

Last June, after Governor Greitens admitted wrongdoing to the MEC regarding his campaign's use of a charity donor list, the Kansas City Star began investigating how the list could have been transferred from the charity to Greitens' campaign. Experts told the Star that the charity must have either violated its nonprofit status by giving Greitens the list or the list must have been stolen. The Star also noted that the Missouri Attorney General "enforces Missouri laws regarding charities," but ... Show Full Article