Monday - October 21, 2019
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Wisconsin Republican Party Executive Director Jefferson Issues Statement on Rep. Duffy Replacement
MADISON, Wisconsin, Oct. 18 -- The Wisconsin Republican Party issued the following statement by Executive Director Mark Jefferson:

Gov. Evers could have scheduled an early primary in the 7th Congressional District, which would have allowed a replacement for Sean Duffy to be chosen sooner, and allowed more people to participate in the general election on April 7th. Yet he chose to delay the election for obvious partisan gain.

"Tony Evers and the Democrats are terrified of rural voters and there are no limits to the lengths they'll go to suppress their votes.

"First, Evers sought to hold an election ... Show Full Article

RGA Releases New Ad in Louisiana Governor's Race Featuring President Trump
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

RGA Right Direction PAC, an organization supported by the Republican Governors Association (RGA), today released its first television ad in the Louisiana runoff election. Titled "Can't Take," the ad features President Donald Trump excoriating Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards for his broken promises, tax-and-spend agenda, and liberal record.

President Trump knows that Louisiana cannot afford four more years of John Bel Edwards' tax hikes, poor economic performance, and ties to the most radical liberals ... Show Full Article

Prominent Kentucky Columnist: Matt Bevin 'Way Off Base,' Looks And Sounds 'Like A Flailing Loser'
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 -- The Democratic Governors Association issued the following news:

In the Courier Journal, Kentucky columnist Al Cross called out Matt Bevin's bonkers post-debate spin as "way off base." It was so embarrassing Cross even said Bevin looked and sounded "like a flailing loser."

Cross lambasts Bevin for trying to rewrite his record of insulting Kentuckians, defending a misstatement with another misstatement, and lashing out at the media for questioning his mischaracterizations.

Every day, Bevin proves why he's deeply unpopular.

Read Cross' absolutely brutal column about Bevin's ... Show Full Article

Ohio Democratic Party: Portman Says He Doesn't Know Why Trump 'Would Turn To' Giuliani on Ukraine
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 18 -- The Ohio Democratic Party issued the following news:

Donald Trump told the world that Rob Portman "backed me up" on his Ukraine cover story, but now Portman is claiming he doesn't know why Trump "would turn to" Rudy Giuliani on Ukrainian issues, months after Giuliani told the New York Times he was pushing officials there to help Trump politically.

"Rob Portman's story on Donald Trump's Ukraine scandal keeps changing, but it always requires the listener to believe that Portman doesn't read newspapers or follow major news related to Ukraine -- which might be plausible ... Show Full Article

Michigan Democratic Party: John James Cashes In on '2000%' Support, Heading to an Out-of-State Fundraiser With Trump & McConnell
LANSING, Michigan, Oct. 18 -- The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following news release:

John James is cashing in again on his 2000% support for President Trump and is set to attend an NRSC fundraising retreat at the Trump International Hotel with President Trump, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the special interest donors funding their campaigns. It's another example of how James is still all aboard the Trump Train, despite his efforts to hide it from Michigan voters.

James' Trump "identity crisis" began when he tried to erase social media posts highlighting his "2000%" backing for ... Show Full Article

Congressional Black Caucus Issues Statement on Death of Rep. Cummings
WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 -- The Congressional Black Caucus issued the following statement on the death of Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Maryland, chairman of the House Oversight Committee:

"We - the nation, the City of Baltimore, the State of Maryland, and the United States Congress - have all suffered a tremendous loss. As a lifelong advocate for justice, equality, and the truth, Elijah Cummings was the true definition of a leader and his commitment to civility and humanity were invaluable in times such as these. To many, Elijah was a friend and mentor, but to the members of the CBC, Elijah was family.

"Born ... Show Full Article

Arizona Democratic Party: Dropping Popularity Another Sign Of McSally's Vulnerability
PHOENIX, Arizona, Oct. 18 -- The Arizona Democratic Party issued the following news release:

According to Morning Consult's new Senator Approval Ratings, unelected U.S. Sen. Martha McSally is facing a declining job approval rating, with an approval score now below 40% -- placing her among the Senate's least popular members up for election in 2020.

This news follows Arizona and Washington Republicans last week sounding the alarm about McSally's 2020 prospects. It also comes as two corporate special interest-funded groups linked to Mitch McConnell announced they are "amassing a $190 million war ... Show Full Article