Tuesday - December 10, 2019
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Michigan Democratic Party Issues Joint Statement on President Trump Battle Creek Rally
LANSING, Michigan, Dec. 6 -- The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following joint statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes and Beth Kelly, chair of the Calhoun County Democratic Party, in response to President Trump's announced rally in Battle Creek:

"Two rallies in two weeks is a clear sign Donald Trump is terrified of losing Michigan after over three years of breaking promise after promise to our voters.

"This failed president has time and again left Michigan families behind, fighting to strip them of health care, gut protections from pre-existing conditions, and slash funding for critical ... Show Full Article

Green Party Says Strengthen the Paris Agreement, Shut Down NATO
WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 -- The Green Party issued the following news release:

The Green Party of the United States today called for NATO to be shut down and for an expansion of measures in the Paris Climate Agreement in light of the deepening global crisis. The NATO summit and 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) are both taking place this week.

Dismantling NATO and redirecting military spending towards a Green New Deal would result both in honoring the US's pledge not to expand NATO and help to drastically reduce the U.S. military's carbon footprint, said Green Party leaders.

Greens ... Show Full Article

Garry Smith Pledges to Support Congressional Term Limits
WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 -- U.S. Term Limits issued the following news release:

U.S. Term Limits (USTL), the leader in the national, non-partisan movement to limit terms for elected officials, is gathering support from state lawmakers across the nation. Its mission is to get 34 states to apply for an amendment proposal convention specific to term limits on Congress. 2020 Arkansas state senate candidate, Garry Smith (district 27), has committed support for term limits on Congress by signing the Term Limits Convention pledge. Smith is the first signer in this race. The primary election is scheduled for ... Show Full Article

Do-Nothing Holcomb and the Case of the 2008 Legislative Session
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, Dec. 6 -- The Indiana Democratic Party issued the following news release:

Eric Holcomb needs to dream a little bigger. Staked with super majorities and the sparkling promise of a new legislative session, the first-term governor is planning to...do absolutely nothing on teacher pay? At a sneak peak of his 2020 legislative agenda this week, Holcomb tipped just that, fingering a short, non-budget session as the culprit for his lethargy. But a short session hasn't always been the legislative roadblock Holcomb is implying. Let's hop in the wayback machine to 2008.

According ... Show Full Article

Democratic Party of Missouri Executive Director Gepford Issues Statement on Election of 5 State Representatives
ST. LOUIS, Missouri, Dec. 6 -- The Democratic Party of Missouri issued the following statement by Executive Director Lauren Gepford:

Today, voters elected new representation across the state of Missouri. The Missouri Democratic Party is proud of the work our candidates put in. By electing five new state representatives, including a seat last held by a Republican, Missouri voters have made it clear that Republicans have been put on notice.

"Trish Gunby's win proves that progressive candidates can win in districts Republicans consider safe. Flipping this district from red to blue with Trish's ... Show Full Article

Democratic Party of Missouri Chairwoman Peters Issues Statement Regarding Reports on Gov. Parson Administration
KANSAS CITY, Missouri, Dec. 6 -- The Democratic Party of Missouri issued the following statement by Chairwoman Jean Peters Baker on the reports that Missouri Gov. Mike Parson administration forgave a state loan linked to donors to his political campaign:

"Missourians should be outraged by the news that Governor Parson's administration encouraged state officials to work with donors to his political campaign seeking forgiveness of a state loan.

"Even if the deal made economic sense for Sedalia, if those seeking it weren't political donors they wouldn't have received the time of day from this administration.

"This ... Show Full Article

Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Chair Chu Issues Statement on Passage of Voting Rights Advancement Act
WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 -- The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus issued the following statement:

Today, the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 4, the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2019 (VRAA). The VRAA is a response to the Supreme Court's decision in Shelby County v. Holder that required Congress to create an updated coverage formula to determine if the Federal government can intervene in a state's election laws. Since that Supreme Court decision, nearly two dozen states have implemented restrictive voter ID laws and created obstacles for people to vote. This bill addresses that ... Show Full Article