Monday - November 30, 2020

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International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation: IASB Proposes Amendment to Its Leases Standard to Improve Accounting for Sale, Leaseback Transactions
LONDON, England, Nov. 28 -- The International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation issued the following news release on Nov. 27:

The International Accounting Standards Board has today proposed to amend IFRS 16 Leases by specifying how a company measures the lease liability in a sale and leaseback transaction.

Sale and leaseback transactions are transactions for which a company sells an asset and leases that same asset back from the new owner.

IFRS 16 includes requirements for how to account for sale and leaseback transactions at the time the transaction takes place. However, it does not ... Show Full Article

Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Chancellor's Words Ring Hollow as Less is Spent on Levelling Up
YORK, England, Nov. 27 -- The Joseph Rowntree Foundation issued the following news release:

"Remarkably for a much-hyped statement on levelling up opportunity across the country, the Chancellor's words ring hollow as weaker local economies will be getting less money than previously/1 in the aftermath of the pandemic.

"The growing numbers of people in or at risk of being pulled into poverty in our country will have taken little solace from the plans laid out by the Chancellor today. The latest economic forecasts are stark and deeply troubling.

"Behind the figures there are real families wondering ... Show Full Article

New England Foundation for the Arts: Unpacking Cultural Supremacy in the Public Sphere
BOSTON, Massachusetts, Nov. 26 -- The New England Foundation for the Arts issued the following commentary on Nov. 24 by Erin Genia, multidisciplinary artist, educator and organizer:

Cultural supremacy lies at the heart of the institutional racism that saturates our country. It has been used as a tool by the dominant culture to disparage, expropriate, and erase other cultures; force acculturation; and set itself as the standard. It is so pervasive that it is nearly invisible to those living under it and it constantly perpetuates itself within the structures and institutions that sustain its limited ... Show Full Article

Lupus Foundation Statement on Administration's Most Favored Nation Drug Pricing Rule
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26 -- The Lupus Foundation of America issued the following statement:

The Lupus Foundation of America supports efforts to lower patient out of pocket costs in Medicare Part B, which provides people with lupus access to critical medications including the only drug approved to treat the disease.

However, we are deeply concerned that the Administration's Most Favored Nation rule may limit patient access to current and future therapies.

Moreover, we are troubled that the Administration is rushing to implement such a significant and complex change without allowing for public comment ... Show Full Article

Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund Awards $346,750 in Second Cycle of Phase II Grantmaking
CLEVELAND, Ohio, Nov. 26 -- Cleveland Foundation issued the following news release on Nov. 24:

The Greater Cleveland COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund announced today its second cycle of biweekly grants as part of its Phase II efforts to support the Greater Cleveland nonprofit community during the ongoing pandemic. In total, $346,750 was awarded to 11 organizations and groups serving Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties, bringing the overall grantmaking amount to more than $915,000 in Phase II.

* Cleveland Kosher Food Pantry ($15,000): To continue to meet the increased demand for delivery of culturally ... Show Full Article

Freedom Foundation: Washington Health Department Finally Agrees to Settle Slidewaters Appeal
OLYMPIA, Washington, Nov. 26 -- The Freedom Foundation issued the following news release:

On Nov. 24, with temperatures in Chelan, Wash., hovering between a high of 44 degrees and a low of 25, Washington's Department of Health finally saw fit to drop its quest to make an example of Slidewaters.

The agency agreed to a settlement, negotiated by the Freedom Foundation, under which it would drop its original order, which carried with it the threat of hefty fines and revocation of the popular water park's water recreation operating permits (yes, the Department of Health evidently thinks you can transmit ... Show Full Article

Alaska Community Foundation: Third and Final Round of Coronavirus Nonprofit Relief Fund Grants Awarded
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Nov. 26 (TNSAwa) -- The Alaska Community Foundation issued the following news release:

As winter deepens and the sun rises a little later and sets a little earlier each day, Alaskans settle in to wait out the dark. We know the light will come again. At the end of a singularly strange, dark year, that knowledge is more important than ever. In the winter, we make our own light by stepping up to help our neighbors and spreading hope for a brighter future. At ACF, we believe in the power of philanthropy to help create that future.

This week, ACF and the Department of Health and ... Show Full Article