Tuesday - May 11, 2021

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New Foundation Report Examines Cyber Risk and Security in the Equipment Finance Industry
WASHINGTON, May 11 (TNSRep) -- The Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation issued the following news release:

Most equipment leasing and finance companies have some form of cybersecurity defenses in place, but are still vulnerable to cyberattack due to the rapidly advancing tactics and techniques used by modern attackers, according to a new study, Cyber Risk and Security in the Leasing and Finance Industry, released by the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation (Foundation). The report provides analyses of current and future industry threats, cyber defenses, regulations and trends in compliance, ... Show Full Article

CSF, Partners Discuss Natural Infrastructure Investments to Enhance Fish, Wildlife, and Recreational Access for Sportsmen and Women
WASHINGTON, May 11 (TNSPol) -- The Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus issued the following news release on May 10, 2021:

The Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF) and sporting conservation partners led a virtual policy briefing to discuss the importance of including robust natural infrastructure and conservation investments as part of any federal infrastructure and job creation legislation.

In March, President Biden released an infrastructure plan to restore and address America's depleting infrastructure and climate change, among other issues our nation is facing. Of particular interest to ... Show Full Article

Hispanic Access Foundation President and CEO Joined Interior Sec. Haaland & CEQ Chair Mallory to Discuss Collaborative 30x30 Conservation Restoration Plan
WASHINGTON, May 8 (TNSRep) -- The Hispanic Access Foundation issued the following news release on May 7, 2021 :

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland joined by Hispanic Access Foundation President and CEO Maite Arce, Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory, and President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation Collin O'Mara discussed how the Biden Administration's recently released "Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful" report to conserve and restore 30% of U.S. lands, waters and ocean by 2030 can pioneer collaborative conservation and restoration strategies on public ... Show Full Article

John Locke Foundation: Dismantling Barriers To Economic Mobility in North Carolina
RALEIGH, North Carolina, May 7 (TNSRep) -- The John Locke Foundation issued the following news release:

For every North Carolinian to thrive, we must clear the pathway blocked by entrenched and historic impediments that narrow opportunity and hinder the escape from poverty. A new John Locke Foundation report from researcher Joseph Coletti urges state policymakers to help marginalized communities by peeling back bureaucratic hurdles and resisting the temptation to adopt trendy but ill-advised ideas.

In his report, Thriving In North Carolina: Justice, Opportunity, and Barriers To Economic Mobility, ... Show Full Article

EdChoice Applauds Expansion of Georgia's Special Needs Voucher Program
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, May 7 (TNSOps) -- The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice issued the following news release on May 6, 2021:

EdChoice, a national nonprofit organization that promotes state-based educational choice programs, congratulates Georgia for expanding its special needs voucher program, which originally was enacted in 2007.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp today signed Senate Bill 47, which would expand the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program(http://link.mediaoutreach.meltwater.com/ls/click?upn=P6YBg1GKDQAqCBzDWIeppoQ-2BrkIIhFf75MT4NpjKujjLJDmVh-2FELcPdkO37icVnd1JPoYHSeXvgajTz-2Bl6IcSImqxUm3PoMNn-2BBRK8xRNk7KFK3MjwNx2rw4ihfxiNb2RO1cx4cGUJ5ezi-2BvbxkiKg-3D-3DI_pg_jrUqf5zwH7FzSx1F7hMR7-2FzfTVleF-2BMgrUqQpUlAA8zpjaAfwJIdCtIZt2sP3JNy9MscR4cTg6HB-2F5zcCySC5MYHCQEDuRFgHHRbqsVx60yVLzVVl8ch-2BXUNr0RkKz6LWNLdBD5O8etooE9HeVL27ZsM8KD4AmHU-2BCFgpPFzfuNZCkfNKX1iAZC4uG1E-2FInSpmMQj-2B6cJCJtjOBzYbAb3wdaDGLRBiMA9R6wwMyT4id6m11Nm6v1GuQX2QTGxT7IY7zhEBWgExflhGEkU0ETHuiYt2-2FLqbiN1Gw-2Bj7BPDo1mW7u35Ly-2BlVNRFKYRHe7GAv0iikxYiOsKKo4m73uUN8xqpEeamCOUg9tkRaywQlkZoiOutqMNapEH8LV06sWt6DZjm8cI6W6o-2FVd23PIXjw-3D-3D) ... Show Full Article

Conservation Law Foundation: Biden Administration Outlines Path to Protect 30% of Lands and Waters
BOSTON, Massachusetts, May 7 -- The Conservation Law Foundation issued the following statement:

The Biden Administration has issued a report detailing how the United States will reach the goal of 30 percent of lands and waters protected by 2030.

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement in response.

"It cannot be overstated how critical it is to protect more of this country's natural places," said CLF President Bradley Campbell. "Permanently protecting 30 percent of lands and waters will help fight the climate crisis, protect biodiversity, and give future generations ... Show Full Article

Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation: 30x30 Report Released Today Breathes an Air of Optimism for Sportsmen and Women But Many Questions Still Remain
WASHINGTON, May 7 (TNSRep) -- The Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus issued the following news release on May 6, 2021:

In a report released today titled, "Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful," the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and the Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality laid out the Biden Administration's (Administration) long-awaited plan for the Thirty-by-Thirty Initiative (30 by 30). This report, which contained many of the priorities previously outlined by the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation (CSF), sets the stage for future efforts to determine ... Show Full Article