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State Tipoffs Involving Oregon Newsletter for Sunday June 28, 2020 ( 15 items )  

Lewis & Clark College: Alumnus-Produced Podcast Earns Webby Award for News and Politics
PORTLAND, Oregon, June 24 -- Lewis and Clark College issued the following news: For the past six months, Sam Ozer-Staton BA '17 has served as an associate producer for CAFE, a media venture run by Preet Bharara, the former U.S. attorney for the southern district of New York. A few short weeks ago, the Webby Awards--dubbed "the Internet's highest honor" by The New York Times--announced "Stay Tuned With Preet" as the People's Voice Winner of News and Politics in the podcast category, as chosen by  more

Official Statement on Black Lives Matter by the Mt. Hood Community College District Board of Education
GRESHAM, Oregon, June 23 -- Mt. Hood Community College issued the following statement: The MHCC Board of Education affirms Black Lives Matter, stands with the victims of the recent tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, and commits itself to do the work necessary to end this centuries-long cycle in our country of systemic oppression, violence, and anti-Black racism. The Board echoes President Skari, and we assert that racism and bigotry have no place at MHCC. Mt. Hood  more

Oregon Department of Transportation Selects Ameresco to Complete Large-Scale Streetlight Conversion Project
FRAMINGHAM, Massachusetts, June 24 -- Ameresco, a provider of energy efficiency solutions, issued the following news release: Ameresco, Inc., (NYSE: AMRC), a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, announced that it has initiated a streetlight conversion pilot program on behalf of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), which will involve replacing more than 8,000 high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures with LEDs. The $18.6 Million dollar project is funded by an energy sa  more

Oregon Gov. Brown Announces Decision to Commute Sentences of 57 Medically Vulnerable Adults in Custody
SALEM, Oregon, June 26 -- Gov. Kate Brown, D-Oregon, issued the following news release: Governor Kate Brown announced that she will commute the sentences of 57 medically vulnerable adults in custody, due to their risk for significant health challenges should they contract COVID-19. This decision comes following the Governor's direction to the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) to perform a case-by-case analysis of adults in custody vulnerable to COVID-19. DOC's review identified individuals  more

Oregon Health & Science University Statement on Immigration Restrictions
PORTLAND, Oregon, June 24 -- Oregon Health and Science University issued the following statement by President Danny Jacobs: OHSU is deeply concerned that the impact of the White House's recent executive decision to limit the entry of certain foreign workers to the U.S. will weaken our country's health care workforce and biomedical research enterprise at a time when we need them the most. Restricting immigration for talented and compassionate faculty, staff, and learners undermines our ability   more

Oregon Health & Science University: Joint Statement - Public Partners Denounce Act of Racism at Construction Site in Downtown Portland
PORTLAND, Oregon, June 24 -- Oregon Health and Science University issued the following statement: A disgusting act of racism was committed at a construction site where our community is coming together to create an inclusive space for education, collaboration and progress. On May 20 a noose was found in the construction zone at the Fourth and Montgomery Building in downtown Portland, where Portland State University, Portland Community College, Oregon Health & Science University and the City of  more

Oregon Health & Science University: New Vaccine Holds Promise in Fighting Diarrheal Disease
PORTLAND, Oregon, June 25 -- Oregon Health and Science University issued the following news release on June 24: Scientists at Oregon Health & Science University have teamed up with OHSU startup Najit Technologies, Inc. to develop a new vaccine that appears to confer immunity to a diarrheal disease that afflicts hundreds of millions of people in developing countries around the world. In research published today in the journal Science Advances scientists working with monkeys reported developing   more

Oregon Health & Science University: Survey - Alternative Medicine is Widespread Among People With MS
PORTLAND, Oregon, June 26 -- Oregon Health and Science University issued the following news release: A new survey of more than 1,000 people with multiple sclerosis finds that an overwhelming majority use complementary and alternative medicine, with many using cannabis. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University conducted the survey of people in Oregon and Southwest Washington in 2018. The results (https://www.msard-journal.com/article/S2211-0348(20)30117-6/abstract) were published recen  more

Oregon State University Helping to Drive National Institutes of Health Effort to Harness Analytics in COVID-19 Fight
CORVALLIS, Oregon, June 23 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: Oregon State University is helping the National Institutes of Health to harness the power of big data in the fight against COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The NIH's National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences is creating a centralized, secure digital enclave for collecting medical record data from COVID-19 patients throughout the United States. The enclave is part of an e  more

Oregon State University Research Suggests a Better Way to Keep Birds From Hitting Power Lines
CORVALLIS, Oregon, June 26 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: Suspended, rotating devices known as "flappers" may be the key to fewer birds flying into power lines, a study by Oregon State University suggests. The findings by researchers in OSU's College of Agricultural Sciences are important because around the globe both the number of power lines and concern over bird fatalities are on the rise. Research has documented more than 300 species of birds dying from hitting powe  more

Oregon State University: Domestic Violence in India Linked With Higher Rates of Women Seeking Permanent Sterilization
CORVALLIS, Oregon, June 27 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: Women in India who experience domestic violence are significantly more likely to seek permanent sterilization as a means of birth control than women who are not victims of abuse, a recent study by Oregon State University found. The probability of victims of domestic violence choosing sterilization -- i.e. tubal ligation, or "tying the tubes" -- is compounded by women's upbringing and by the frequency with which th  more

Oregon State University: Effects From Low-Level Concentrations of Harmful Chemicals Preserved Through Three Generations of Fish
CORVALLIS, Oregon, June 26 -- Oregon State University issued the following news on June 24: Fish exposed to very low levels of chemicals commonly found in waterways can pass the impacts on to future generations that were never directly exposed to the chemicals, according to Oregon State University researchers. "What that gets at is something your grandparents may have come into contact with in their environment can still be affecting the overall structure of your DNA in your life today," said   more

Oregon State University: Global Study Finds Air Pollution Major Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Regardless of Country Income
CORVALLIS, Oregon, June 24 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: From low-income countries to high-income countries, long-term exposure to fine particulate outdoor air pollution is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease and death, a new Oregon State University study found. But even small reductions in air pollution levels can result in a reduction of disease risk. The study shows that countries don't have to immediately eradicate all air pollution to make a difference f  more

Oregon State University: Study Finds Oregon Workplace Safety Monitoring Needs to Be More Timely to Help Workers
CORVALLIS, Oregon, June 26 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: A recent study evaluating the effectiveness of Oregon's occupational health monitoring system concludes that the state needs to collect and share data about workplace dangers in a more timely, relevant fashion to allow for rapid intervention. Occupational safety and health surveillance is a type of public health surveillance that collects data on work-related fatality, injury and illness and the presence of workpl  more

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Issues Order Involving Northwest Natural Gas
OLYMPIA, Washington, June 26 -- The Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission issued the following order (No. UG-200120): In the Matter of the Application of NORTHWEST NATURAL GAS COMPANY, For an Order determining that Certain Property Located in Astoria, Oregon is No Longer Necessary or Useful: ORDER 01 DETERMINING PROPERTY IS NOT NECESSARY OR USEFUL BACKGROUND 1 On February 18, 2020, Northwest Natural Gas Company (NW Natural or Company) filed with the Washington Utilities and  more