Saturday - May 30, 2020
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Universities Space Research Association Elects KAIST and Seoul National University to Membership
COLUMBIA, Maryland, May 30 -- The Universities Space Research Association issued the following news release:

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Seoul National University (SNU), two distinguished South Korean Universities, have joined the ranks of Universities Space Research Association (USRA), bringing the Association to a total of 113 universities. They were elected by USRA's current university members on May 4, 2020.

The eligibility criteria for USRA membership includes demonstrated significant contributions in space or aerospace research fields by faculty, and ... Show Full Article

National Catholic Educational Association: Identifying the Gifts of the Crisis
WASHINGTON, May 30 -- The National Catholic Educational Association issued the following news release:

2019-20, like all school years, was chock-full of learning experiences ( But, what was learned and by whom was dramatically different! The conditions of remote learning presented many new challenges for Catholic school students, parents, teachers, and administrators. But the adjustment each made to new methods, tools and modes of learning generated many powerful "take-aways." Catholic school leaders who ... Show Full Article

Institute of International Container Lessors Performs Global Study on Coating Systems Applied on the Frames of Refrigerated Containers
WASHINGTON, May 30 -- The Institute of International Container Lessors issued the following news release:

The Ocean transportation system has utilized refrigerated containers for over 50 years to provide protection of perishable and temperature sensitive cargoes such as meat, vegetables, fruit, beverages, medicines and chemicals.

"Top performance, reliability and condition of the refrigerated container have always been hallmarks of refrigerated container services." said Steven Blust, President of the Institute of International Containers (IICL). "It is believed that the ability to offer containers ... Show Full Article

Geological Society: Charred Wood Reveals Maximum Age of Newly Discovered Hiawatha Impact Crater in Greenland
BOULDER, Colorado, May 30 -- The Geological Society of America issued the following news release:

The news went around the world, when a Danish and international research team led by Kurt Kjaer at the Globe institute at University of Copenhagen published their discovery of a new, large impact crater in northwest Greenland in November 2018. The 31-km wide structure is buried under the Greenland Ice Sheet behind a glacier named Hiawatha. Therefore, this also became the name of the crater. The scientists found that the crater must be very young, seen from a geological perspective, but not precisely ... Show Full Article

Florida Sheriffs Association Issues Statement on Death of Floyd
TALLAHASSEE, Florida, May 30 -- Florida Sheriffs Association issued the following statement on May 29 by President Bob Gualtieri:

"As President of the Florida Sheriffs Association and on behalf of all Florida sheriffs, I offer our sympathies to the family of George Floyd.

"The Minneapolis police officer used deadly force in a situation where there was no justification.

"The other officers present should have intervened to stop the officer who had his knee on George Floyd's neck.

"These officers' actions are not representative of sheriff's deputies in Florida or the law enforcement profession, ... Show Full Article

California Dental Association Distributes Personal Protective Equipment to Licensed Dentists Statewide
SACRAMENTO, California, May 30 -- The California Dental Association issued the following news release:

The California Dental Association is distributing approximately 25,000 personal protective equipment kits to licensed dentists in California. The critical supply of masks, face shields and gowns is from California's pandemic response stockpile and was made available to CDA by the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. The state of California procured large supplies of surgical masks and other PPE, which are in short supply through traditional, commercial distribution channels, by ... Show Full Article

American Massage Therapy Association: Managing Stress During COVID-19
EVANSTON, Illinois, May 30 -- The American Massage Therapy Association issued the following news:

The last couple of months have felt like a roller coaster as we all try to adapt to the rapidly-changing environment surrounding COVID-19. The stress of dealing with a new reality that disrupts your employment and daily routine can feel overwhelming.

While many aspects of life may feel out your control right now, there are steps you can take to help manage stress and improve well-being, even while social distancing.

Get Physically Active

Regular exercise can be an important factor in helping you ... Show Full Article