Saturday - January 19, 2019
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Weighing Costs and Benefits of Motivating Landowners to Reforest the Panama Canal Watershed
PANAMA CITY, Panama, Jan. 18 -- The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute issued the following news:

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- How far should we go when paying for natural services? Economic sciences can help us calculate the exact amount

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Nature is the main provider of resources to society. Without it we would not be able to cover our basic needs, such as clean water, food or medicine. But its ability to provide these 'ecosystem services' is often compromised by the presence of human beings and their land management decisions.

Seeking to improve the environmental health of natural ecosystems, Payments ... Show Full Article

RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal Marks Nearly A Decade Of Impact In Pakistan's Tribal Regions
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- The Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a subsidiary of Broadcasting Board of Governors, issued the following news release:

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) this week is marking almost a decade of reporting serving as a powerful alternative to extremist propaganda in Pakistan's remote and restive tribal regions along the Afghan border.

"A decade ago, the youths in Pakistan's tribal areas were resorting to violence to demand their basic rights. Today, they are using democratic means to seek justice," said Amin Mudaqiq, director of Radio Mashaal, RFE/RL's Pashto-language ... Show Full Article

Monetary Policy: A 'Data Dependent' Approach
SOMERSET, New Jersey, Jan. 18 -- The Federal Reserve's Bank of New York issued the following statement by President and CEO John C. Williams at the New Jersey Bankers Association's Economic Leadership Forum:

"Good morning everyone. I wish every conference I went to had such an incredible opening--Joe's certainly a hard act to follow. I have a son who's a very talented artist, but he didn't get those genes from me. So I'm going to stick to what I know--monetary policy.

"Today I'll talk about the economy, how I'm assessing the outlook, and what that means for monetary policy. It's early in the ... Show Full Article

Federal Reserve Board's Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Statistical Release Marks the 100th Anniversary of Board Data on Industrial Production
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- The Federal Reserve issued the following news release:

The publication on Friday of the Federal Reserve Board's monthly statistical release on industrial production and capacity utilization marks the 100th anniversary of Board data on industrial production. The index has kept pace with an ever-evolving industrial sector by providing information that spans from the rise of the modern factory through the digital age.

The Board began collecting information about industrial production to satisfy the Federal Reserve's need for timely and relevant data on the U.S. economy. The ... Show Full Article

Dallas Fed Reappoints William Serrata to El Paso Branch Board
DALLAS, Texas, Jan. 18 -- The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas issued the following news release:

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has reappointed El Paso County Community College president William Serrata to its El Paso Branch board of directors.

He will serve a full three-year term ending Dec. 31, 2021. He joined the board in June 2018 to fill the remaining term of a vacated seat.

As a board member, Serrata provides input on regional economic conditions as part of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy functions.

Serrata has served as president of the El Paso County Community College District ... Show Full Article

Amtrak Seeks New Passenger Equipment for Northeast Regional and State Corridor Service
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) issued the following news release:

Amtrak has released a Request for Proposals today, for a new fleet of single-level passenger rail vehicles to replace Amfleet I cars, providing new equipment with contemporary rail amenities to better serve Amtrak customers. Amfleet I cars are used primarily on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) and adjacent State Corridor routes, including Empire Service, Ethan Allen Express, Maple Leaf, Adirondack, Vermonter, Downeaster, Carolinian, Pennsylvanian, Keystone Service, Virginia Service and New ... Show Full Article

Amtrak Adding Second Daily Roundtrip Train to Norfolk
WASHINGTON, Jan. 18 -- The National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak) issued the following news release:

Customers can soon take advantage of more opportunities to travel by train as Amtrak increases daily service between Norfolk, Va., and Boston. Beginning in March, customers in the waterfront city and surrounding areas will be able to choose from two daily departures of the Amtrak Northeast Regional when planning travel to the Northeast.

Amtrak provides a same-seat trip to and from Norfolk, and makes intermediate stops in Richmond, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, ... Show Full Article