Saturday - October 24, 2020
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President Trump, Sen. Tillis Believe It Would Be Good For North Carolinians' Health Care Protections To Be Repealed
RALEIGH, North Carolina, Oct. 24 -- Former North Carolina State Sen. James Calvin "Cal" Cunningham, Democratic nominee for the Senate, and vice president and general counsel to WasteZero Inc., issued the following campaign news:

As Senator Thom Tillis continues fighting to take away health care protections for North Carolinians in the middle of a pandemic, President Trump outlined the final goal of Senator Tillis' efforts earlier this week on national television. Praising a Tillis-backed lawsuit and reinforcing Republicans' stance on repealing the Affordable Care Act and its pre-existing condition ... Show Full Article

NV Dems Respond to Trump Campaign, NV GOP Lawsuit in Clark County
LAS VEGAS, Nevada, Oct. 24 -- The Nevada Democratic Party issued the following statement by Chair William McCurdy:

* * *

In response to the Republican lawsuit meant to stop the counting of ballots in Clark County, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

"This lawsuit from Trump and Republicans is nothing more than an obvious attempt to impede record-breaking momentum in Clark County, the most diverse county in the state.

"Throughout this election, Trump and Republicans have resorted to baseless attacks to undermine confidence in Nevada's election ... Show Full Article

Montana Democratic Party: LCV - Gianforte One of the 'Worst of the Worst' Candidates for Conservation in the Entire Country
HELENA, Montana, Oct. 24 -- The Montana Democratic Party issued the following news release:

Greg Gianforte's infamous anti-public lands record is attracting national headlines. This week, the megamillionaire from New Jersey was named to the League of Conservation Voters "Dirty Dozen," a list of the twelve worst candidates for conservation running for office across the country.

As noted by LCV, Gianforte sued public land owners to block stream access to a popular fishing access site on the East Gallatin River.

But there's more! Greg Gianforte wrote legislation to strip protections from nearly ... Show Full Article

Maryland Democratic Party: Joe Biden Has a Vision for America, Trump Only Has More Excuses
ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, Oct. 24 -- The Maryland Democratic Party issued the following statement on Oct. 22 by Chairwoman Yvette Lewis:

Thursday, October 22nd, after a strong debate performance from Joe Biden, where he laid out a clear vision for America and confronted the repeated lies and failures of Donald Trump -- Maryland Democratic Party Chairwoman, Yvette Lewis, released the following statement:

"The contrast tonight could not have been more clear. Joe Biden spent the night telling us about his plans to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, help working families and small businesses, and bring our ... Show Full Article

Maine Democratic Party: Health Care Is on Ballot - After Opening ACA Up to Legal Challenges, Collins Admits GOP Does Not Have Comprehensive Replacement Plan
AUGUSTA, Maine, Oct. 24 -- The Maine Democratic Party issued the following news release:

When she helped to pass the 2017 GOP tax giveaway, Senator Susan Collins opened the Affordable Care Act up to a legal challenge that could take health care away from more than 100,000 Mainers. In just a matter of days, the Supreme Court will hear the case that will determine the fate of protections for people with preexisting conditions, and Collins has admitted that she does not have a comprehensive plan to replace the ACA.

Senator Collins has tried to claim that she'll stand up for Mainers' health care, ... Show Full Article

DGA-Backed Group Launches New Ad in Montana
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 -- The Democratic Governors Association issued the following news:

Good Jobs MT, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Governors Association, released a new TV ad in Montana, "Reasons."

There are a lot of reasons Montanans don't like New Jersey multi-millionaire Greg Gianforte.

As Montana's sole Congressman, Gianforte voted in favor of putting Social Security at risk while receiving millions in tax breaks for himself. He doesn't believe in Social Security, saying, "The example I think of is Noah. How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600, yeah ok. He wasn't ... Show Full Article

Ahead of Pence Visit, DNC Launches Ads on Toledo Blade Homepage Highlighting Trump's Failed Pandemic Response
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 -- The Democratic National Committee issued the following news release on Oct. 23:

Ahead of Mike Pence's event in Swanton today, the Democratic National Committee launched a new daylong slate of digital ads on the homepage of the Toledo Blade to hold Donald Trump and Pence accountable for their failed pandemic response.

The digital ads will direct voters to the DNC's ad, "Had Enough?," which contrasts Trump's claim that his administration has done a "great job" responding to the coronavirus with the reality of Trump and Pence's failed response, which has led to more than 5,100 ... Show Full Article