Sunday - November 17, 2019
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The Speaker Has Hijacked the Intelligence Committee
WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 -- The Ripon Society issued the following news:

In remarks yesterday morning before a breakfast meeting of The Ripon Society, House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (WY-At Large) discussed the current debate over impeachment and how it may impact the ability of the Intelligence Committee - and Congress - to focus on national security in the weeks and months ahead.

"The House Intelligence Committee is one of the most important committees in Congress when it comes to the security of our nation," Cheney stated. "When you take the Intelligence Committee and consume it with ... Show Full Article

Texas Democratic Party Issues Statement on Houston Mayoral Runoff
AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 15 -- The Texas Democratic Party issued the following statement by Chair Gilberto Hinojosa:

"The Texas Democratic Party proudly endorses Mayor Sylvester Turner for re-election. Mayor Turner has spent a lifetime of service fighting so that every single person has a fair shot to get ahead.

"There are people in this world, who despite all odds, persevere. Then, they look down the ladder they climbed and do everything in their power to help others climb up too. That is the kind of person, and more importantly the kind of mayor, Sylvester Turner is.

"Under Mayor Turner's leadership, ... Show Full Article

South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem Pledge to Improve Internet Connectivity is Off to a High-Speed Start
WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

Expanding internet access was a priority and promise Governor Kristi Noem made to the people of South Dakota. After less than a year in office, the governor has already made major strides, working with industry leaders, elected officials throughout the state, and federal partners to improve internet connectivity in the Mount Rushmore State.

This past week, thanks to Governor Noem's leadership, South Dakota celebrated an impressive feat - 100% of K-12 school districts in South Dakota now have access ... Show Full Article

RGA Policy Spotlight: Republican Governors are Honoring America's Veterans
WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

This month, Americans across the country recognize and honor veterans of the United States Armed Forces for their selfless sacrifice and dedication to defending our freedoms and way of life.

With over 18.2 million veterans living in the United States, Republican governors have been instrumental in leading initiatives to improve their quality of life. Republican governors have been focused on addressing the healthcare needs of veterans, reducing economic burdens, and expanding opportunities so that veterans ... Show Full Article

Ohio Republican Lawmakers Attacking Reproductive Freedom
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 15 -- The Ohio Democratic Party issued the following news:

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump called for women to be punished for abortion and committed to nominate Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, and now Ohio Republicans are following Trump's lead, introducing legislation that could lead to doctors and patients being charged with murder for abortion care.

"Instead of focusing on the growing number of Ohio kids who lack health insurance or helping more than half a million Ohio children who live in poverty, Ohio Republicans are pushing a divisive agenda ... Show Full Article

N.J. Assembly Democrats Pinkin, Lopez, Kennedy Bill to Establish Paint Stewardship Program Improving Recycling of Household Paint Products Advances
TRENTON, New Jersey, Nov. 15 -- The New Jersey Assembly Democrats issued the following news:

* * *

- Measure to Boost Recycling and Lessen Environmental Impact of Paints

* * *

Hoping to create more convenient, cost-effective options for recycling architectural paint products normally tossed away amongst household trash, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Nancy Pinkin, Yvonne Lopez and James Kennedy was approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday.

The bill (A-4382), pertaining to architectural paints defined as interior or exterior architectural coatings sold in five ... Show Full Article

Democrats' Statement on Major Ballot Order Victory in Florida
WASHINGTON, Nov. 15 -- The Democratic National Committee issued the following news release:

Today, Democrats won a major legal victory in Florida as a court overturned the state's law requiring that ballots list Republicans first, giving GOP candidates a documented and unfair advantage. Democrats are also challenging similar ballot order statutes in three other states.

From the court's opinion: "Plaintiffs have proven--and this Court hereby finds--that candidates of the major parties in Florida receive an average primacy effect vote of approximately five percent when listed first in their office ... Show Full Article