Wednesday - March 22, 2023
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Democratic Party of Georgia Statement on Passage of S.B. 140
ATLANTA, Georgia, March 22 -- The Democratic Party of Georgia issued the following statement on March 21, 2023:

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Following Georgia Republicans' passage of S.B. 140 banning gender affirming care for transgender youth, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement.

"Today, with the passage of S.B. 140, Georgia Republicans continued their shameful track record of targeting vulnerable Georgians and interfering with private medical decisions for political gain. Republicans rammed S.B. 140 through despite Georgians showing up in force ... Show Full Article

DNC: Profile Raises New Questions About James Comer's Credibility
WASHINGTON, March 22 -- The Democratic National Committee issued the following news release:

A New York Times deep dive on James Comer this morning is raising new questions about his record of using far-right conspiracy theories to launch politically motivated attacks on President Biden, while also raising serious concerns about his own credibility.

In a six-hour interview with the New York Times, James Comer openly admitted that the Republican-led House Oversight Committee ended investigations into Trump because of politics.

New York Times: "Mr. Comer has quietly abandoned an investigation ... Show Full Article

DNC: House Republicans' Agenda? Gut Health Care, Raise Costs, Defund Law Enforcement While Exploding the Deficit to Cut Taxes for the Wealthy
WASHINGTON, March 22 -- The Democratic National Committee issued the following news release on March 21, 2023:

Today as the MAGA Republican majority close out their Issues Conference, it's clear their plans include making devastating cuts to programs Americans rely on by threatening working families' health care, public safety and national security, raising costs for families, and pushing tax breaks for the wealthy and special interests - all while failing to reduce the deficit by a single penny.

House Republicans have proposed making drastic cuts to programs working families rely on by raising ... Show Full Article

DNC: 2024 Republicans Are Campaigning On Cutting Social Security and Medicare
WASHINGTON, March 22 -- The Democratic National Committee issued the following statement on March 21, 2023:

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As Mike Pence travels to Virginia to remind Americans that Republicans want to cut Social Security and Medicare, DNC spokesperson Rhyan Lake released the following statement.

"We're glad Mike Pence is taking the time to remind the American people that every single 2024 Republican, including Donald Trump, has supported or proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security. As 2024 Republicans battle to out-MAGA each other, every GOP contender will have to answer for their plans to gut ... Show Full Article

National Republican Congressional Committee: Swing and a Miss
WASHINGTON, March 21 -- The National Republican Congressional Committee issued the following news:

Just 18 days after dipping his toe in the water, Andy Schor is already calling it quits.

Schor's early departure leaves Democrats without a single candidate in a critical target seat, making their climb out of the minority that much steeper.

One local Democrat said: "I know with the mayor getting out, there's nobody really 'in' right now".

"Democrats are back to square one as they fail their first recruitment attempt in Michigan. Republicans remain poised to flip the 7th and grow the House majority." ... Show Full Article

NHDP Releases 2024 Delegate Selection Plan for Public Comment
CONCORD, New Hampshire, March 21 -- The New Hampshire Democratic Party issued the following news release:

The New Hampshire Democratic Party has released their 2024 Delegate Selection Plan for public comment, as required by the rules of the Democratic National Committee. The plan complies with New Hampshire law establishing the first-in-the-nation primary, and outlines the NHDP's process to select delegates to the Democratic National Convention next summer. It will be available for public comment for the next thirty days.

"New Hampshire Democrats have long taken pride in sending an active and ... Show Full Article

N.H. Democratic Party: State House Dome - Weighing 2024 Run, Sununu Touches Third Rail
CONCORD, New Hampshire, March 21 -- The New Hampshire Democratic Party issued the following news release:

In case you missed it, Kevin Landrigan's State House Dome column this week showcased Chris Sununu's support for putting Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block.

Sununu's support for going after these critical programs aligns him with extreme MAGA Republicans vying for the White House like Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Ron DeSantis -- all of whom have repeatedly pushed unpopular cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Key Excerpts:

* NEW HAMPSHIRE GOV. and potential 2024 Republican ... Show Full Article