Wednesday - December 6, 2023
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USAID Partners With Ukrainian Railways to Support Integration Into European Rail Network
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- The U.S. Agency for International Development issued the following news release:

The United States, through USAID, and JSC Ukrainian Railways (UZ) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to mutually support the development of a 75-kilometer (47-mile) segment of dually gauged rail which will connect Lviv, a planned transportation hub in western Ukraine, to the Trans European Network for Transport. This partnership, which will result in $225 million in funding for this rail segment, underscores the United States' commitment to investing in alternative export routes for Ukraine's ... Show Full Article

Mechanics of breast cancer metastasis discovered, offering target for treatment
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (TNSres) -- The National Science Foundation issued the following news release:

The most lethal feature of any cancer is metastasis, the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. New research, led by Penn State, reveals for the first time the mechanics behind how breast cancer cells may invade healthy tissues. The U.S. National Science Foundation-supported discovery, showing that a motor protein called dynein powers the movement of cancer cells in soft tissue models, offers new clinical targets against metastasis and has the potential to fundamentally change how cancer is treated.

"This ... Show Full Article

Join the Christmas Bird Count at Indiana Dunes National Park
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- The National Park Service Indiana Dunes National Park issued the following news release:

On December 23rd get outside and have fun helping with the Christmas Bird Count and make an important contribution to conservation. Now a long-standing program of the National Audubon Society, with 124 years of community science involvement, this count is an early-winter bird census, where thousands of volunteers across the U.S. and Canada go out over a 24-hour period to count birds.

Indiana Dunes National Park will facilitate this count in the "INDW" birding circle. Places in the national ... Show Full Article

Federal Maritime Commission Issues Order Designating Administrative Law Judge Involving 20230930-DK-Butterfly-1 Vs. MSC Mediterranean Shipping
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- The Federal Maritime Commission issued the following order designating administrative law judge (Docket No. 23-12) on Dec. 4, 2023:

* * *

20230930-DK-BUTTERFLY-1, INC., Complainant v. MSC MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING CO. SA, Respondent.

ORDER OF: Erin M. WIRTH, Chief Administrative Law Judge.


On November 28, 2023, the Commission issued a Notice of Filing of Complaint and Assignment, assigning this proceeding to the Office of Administrative Law Judges.

Pursuant to Commission Rule 25 (46 C.F.R. Sec. 502.25(d)), it is hereby ORDERED ... Show Full Article

FTC Sues 7-Eleven for Anticompetitive Acquisition in Violation of 2018 Consent Order
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- The Federal Trade Commission issued the following news release on Dec. 4, 2023:

* * *

7-Eleven faces $77 million civil penalty for consent order violation

* * *

The Federal Trade Commission today sued 7-Eleven, Inc. alleging the convenience store chain violated a 2018 FTC consent order by acquiring a fuel outlet in St. Petersburg, Fla. without providing the Commission prior notice.

According to the Commission's federal complaint, which also names 7-Eleven's parent company, Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd., 7-Eleven's acquisition of the St. Petersburg outlet plainly violated ... Show Full Article

DOD: Austin Praises U.S.-Romania Defense Ties
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- The U.S. Department of Defense issued the following news:

By Joseph Clark, DOD News

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III underscored the importance of the U.S.-Romania defense relationship today as he met with Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and Defense Minister Angel Tilvar.

The two countries' strategic partnership has continued to strengthen amid Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Austin said, adding that Romania has been a key ally among the international coalition united in defense of its neighbor.

"After 26 years, that partnership that has never ... Show Full Article

Bureau of Land Management to begin the FY2024 Nevada Wild Horse Range Herd Management Area Wild Horse Gather
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 -- The U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management issued the following news release:

LAS VEGAS - On or about Dec. 8, 2023, the Bureau of Land Management plans to begin a wild horse gather on the Nevada Wild Horse Range Herd Management Area located about 30 miles southeast of Tonopah, Nev., using the helicopter-assisted method.

The Nevada Wild Horse Range Herd Management Area encompasses over 1.3 million acres of public lands and lies entirely inside the Nevada Test and Training Range. The Herd Management Area has an Appropriate Management Level of 300-500 wild ... Show Full Article