Sunday - October 1, 2023
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University of Memphis School of Public Health Offering Dual Enrollment to High School Students to Address Today's Public Health Challenges
MEMPHIS, Tennessee, Sept. 30 -- The University of Memphis issued the following news release on Sept. 29, 2023:

The School of Public Health at the University of Memphis recently launched an initiative to empower high school students in the Memphis community and beyond to solve public health challenges facing communities today.

The initiative is among the first of its kind in the country

Following the 2022 rollout of its pilot project REAIM, which serves as a model for public health education in high schools, this semester the School of Public Health introduced a public health dual-enrollment ... Show Full Article

Traditional Undergraduate and Graduate Enrollment Strong at Fresno Pacific University
FRESNO, California, Sept. 30 -- Fresno Pacific University issued the following news:

A healthy increase in traditional undergraduate students for 2023-24 is a heartening sign for Fresno Pacific University.

Success among traditional undergraduates (TUG)--generally those 18-22 years of age coming to FPU straight out of high school or transferring from community college--and graduate students lessen the impact of a decline in bachelor's degree completion students (DC).

The TUG figure is historic. "This significant enrollment increase marks the end of a 10-year decline in traditional undergraduate ... Show Full Article

Roosevelt University: The 2023 American Dream Reconsidered Conference Will Focus on Reproductive Rights and Classroom Curricula
CHICAGO, Illinois, Sept. 30 -- Roosevelt University issued the following news:

Reproductive rights, classroom curricula and black female activism will be some of the topics discussed at the 2023 American Dream Reconsidered Conference, held on October 16-18. Hosted on the Roosevelt University Loop Campus and adjoining Auditorium Theatre, the three-day event will bring scholars, activists and artists together to address the persistent inequities facing many Americans. The public is invited to attend panels, documentary screenings and photography exhibitions.

"Mind, Body and the American Dream" ... Show Full Article

NDSU President Cook Emphasizes Success, Goals During State of the University Address
FARGO, North Dakota, Sept. 30 -- North Dakota State University issued the following news:

NDSU President David Cook outlined the work completed on his top priorities and discussed university goals for the future during his annual State of the University Address on Friday, Sept. 29, in Festival Concert Hall.

Cook, who became NDSU's 15th president last year, opened by sharing his gratitude to faculty, staff, students and alumni for helping him along the way.

"I'll say something I say quite a bit, I'm genuinely, deeply honored and privileged and proud to be the president of North Dakota State University. ... Show Full Article

MU's Fall Convocation Provides Personal Look Into Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina, Sept. 30 -- Methodist University issued the following news release on Sept. 29, 2023:

As Methodist University dives into its 67th year of existence, important topics are brought to the spotlight. Today, they were diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff filled Huff Concert Hall on Friday morning for the University's Fall Convocation - an annual event that welcomes students while promoting the endeavors of the University.

"We are called by our Methodist University mission to explore virtue, truth, love, and justice," said MU Provost ... Show Full Article

Heidelberg University: Did Animal Evolution Begin With a Predatory Lifestyle?
HEIDELBERG, Germany, Sept. 30 (TNSres) -- Heidelberg University issued the following news release:

* * *

New research findings on Aiptasia sea anemones point to early evolutionary events in multicellular organisms

* * *

Were the first animals predators or filter feeders like the sponges living in today's oceans? And what role did symbiosis with algae play, as with reef-building corals? Surprising findings by a research group led by Prof. Dr Thomas W. Holstein of Heidelberg University on the development of sea anemones suggest that a predatory lifestyle moulded their evolution and had a significant ... Show Full Article

Carnegie Mellon: Cagan Presents Future of AI-Human Teaming at Congressional Briefing
PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania, Sept. 30 -- Carnegie Mellon University issued the following news:

On Sept. 27, Carnegie Mellon University's Jon Cagan served as the moderator during a congressional briefing entitled, "AI and National STEM Workforce Development Needs," at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C.

The panel conversation, organized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the Senate AI Caucus, focused on opportunities and challenges regarding artificial intelligence and machine learning in the workforce, including ... Show Full Article