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Yale University: The Secret of Autobiographical Memory Is in Assembly of Cells
NEW HAVEN, Connecticut, June 26 [TNSscienceresearch] -- Yale University issued the following news release:

Of all forms of memory, episodic memory is the most intimate. We recall the sequences of events that happen to us -- a marriage, a visit to a foreign country, a personal achievement -- in great autobiographical detail. But scientists have disagreed about the most important elements the brain uses to encode these episodes and consolidate them during sleep.

A group of Yale scientists, however, reports that it is the size and shape of neuronal assemblies -- not the strength of signals processed ... Show Full Article

University of Michigan: The Art of the Roman Deal
ANN ARBOR, Michigan, June 26 [TNSscienceresearch] -- The University of Michigan issued the following news release:

Romans are depicted as slashing and burning their way across countries in order to secure their empire. But a University of Michigan archeologist suggests that the Romans may have trapped more flies with honey.

At its peak--about the year 117--the Roman Empire ringed the Mediterranean Sea, encompassing present-day Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Syria and a swath across northern Africa. Since the Middle Ages, historians have described this expansion as a military ... Show Full Article

University of California-San Francisco: More Years of Childhood Education May Reduce Adult Heart Disease Risk
SAN FRANCISCO, California, June 26 [TNSmedicalresearch] -- The University of California's San Francisco Campus issued the following news release:

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- Each Additional Year of Schooling Lowers Risk Factors Such as Smoking and Depression, Researchers Say

* * *

State policies requiring children to attend additional years of school may result in a reduced risk for heart disease and improvements in several cardiovascular risk factors in adulthood, according to a study by researchers at UC San Francisco and Stanford University.

In the study, the researchers conducted a natural experiment by ... Show Full Article

University of Arizona Receives $1.78M NIH Grant Mining Safety Study
TUCSON, Arizona, June 26 -- The University of Arizona issued the following news release:

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- Researchers at the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health will study alternatives to diesel fuel, used to power equipment in underground mines, to reduce cancer and respiratory disease in miners.

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Falling rock, equipment accidents and explosions are some of the life-threatening events miners encounter on the job. But they also are at risk of diseases and death from chronic exposure to toxic substances in their work environment.

Diesel particulate matter exposure ... Show Full Article

Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: Part of Pacific Ocean Is Not Warming As Expected. Why?
NEW YORK, June 26 [TNSscienceresearch] -- Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory issued the following news:

By Kevin Krajick

State-of-the-art climate models predict that as a result of human-induced climate change, the surface of the Pacific Ocean should be warming -- some parts more, some less, but all warming nonetheless. Indeed, most regions are acting as expected, with one key exception: what scientists call the equatorial cold tongue. This is a strip of relatively cool water stretching along the equator from Peru into the western Pacific, across quarter of the earth's circumference. ... Show Full Article

City University of New York-Graduate Center: Scientists Closer to Unraveling Mechanisms of Speech Processing in the Brain
NEW YORK, June 26 [TNSmedicalresearch] -- The City University of New York's Graduate Center issued the following news release:

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- The discovery could aid understanding of neurodevelopmental communication disorders

* * *

In the 1860s, French physician Paul Broca published his findings that the brain's speech production center was located in the left hemisphere. Though scientists have largely accepted since then that the left half of the brain dominates language processing, the reasons behind this lateralization have remained unclear.

"The lateralization of language processing in the auditory ... Show Full Article

Baylor University: Employees Who Also Serve as Unpaid Caregivers of Elderly Relatives Struggle With Job Disruption, Unmet Workplace Needs
WACO, Texas, June 26 [TNSsociologyresearch] -- Baylor University issued the following news:

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- Employers who don't step up to help with workplace supports may make informal caregiving 'an even tougher role,' Baylor University researcher says

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People who care for their parents outside of their full-time jobs -- and are unpaid for their help -- experience considerable disruption of their workplace routines. Many are not getting employer support because it is not offered or because they do not feel able to use it, even if it is available, according to a Baylor University researcher.

"A ... Show Full Article