Monday - June 17, 2024
Services for Newspapers:

News: Focused on the needs of newspapers
Targeted News Service is a supplemental newswire mining the government for news linked to your circulation footprint. For the price of a fast-food lunch you can add to your print or electronic news feed an array of government-focused items that mention communities in your area.

Here is what you get from Targeted News Service:
  • VOTES: On Friday afternoon, you'll get a compilation of House and Senate votes in the U.S. Congress covering Friday through Thursday.
  • NEWS BUDGET for EDITORS: Based on your news profile, if we see stuff that should be in your hands - reports, releases, documents, involving your circulation footprint, you'll get a tips sheet.
  • FEDERAL CONTRACT AWARDS: Daily (10:30 a.m.) and weekly (Thursday, 2 p.m.), federal contract award news briefs available by state and locality, if any are publicly announced in your circulation area.
  • CONGRESSIONAL BILL INTRODUCTIONS: Weekly (Thursday, 2:10 p.m.), news briefs on U.S. House and U.S. Senate bill introductions by your delegation, including co-sponsorships.
  • FEDERAL PATENT AWARDS: Daily (10:30 a.m.) or weekly (Thursday, 2:00 or 6 p.m.) news briefs on patents assigned to companies or individuals in your circulation area.

  • You can also do research on some topics. For example, if you want to track anything involving the Susquehanna River, we can set that up for you. Or a military installation. Or coal. Or just about anything. If it turns out that you are concerned about something that may have a federal link, you'll find it daily in your e-mail que.
  • Some editors like to take a look at federal contract awards, year to year. We can do that for you and see which communities got how much money, and what the companies were last year and this year. Just ask.

In addition to the Targeted News Service newswire, all newspapers can receive keyword access to TNS NewsFocus summaries of government and government-oriented news releases containing information relevant to your coverage-area communities or state drawing on exclusive information collected from more than 14,500 gathering points. This unparalleled access to government information is not available through other major search engines in a manner that is focused specifically on your news needs.


Services for Reporters and Editors:

News: Focused on the needs of reporters and editors
Targeted News Service can help your cover your beat. You're under constant pressure to be competitive and not miss a relevant story, and to find news that would affect your readers. Our government and government-related news release materials can serve as story leads that you can localize. These are news releases pertinent to what you do - you give us the topics, we feed you a daily list of what the federal government, and related trade associations, public policy groups and political organizations are doing on that topic. While yu may be plugged into the major sources, the government and other related organizations, are deep in information that is relevant.

  • Federal contract awards to companies in your circulation area, or state.
  • Federal bill introductions by members of the U.S. House or Senate that are in your circulation area
  • Federal grant opportunities that may be relevant to educational institutions and other groups in your circulation area
  • GAO reports, environmental impact statements and contracting opportunities linked to your state or topic areas
  • Through keyword access, we can deliver any mention of your state or topic or the communities you cover to you at 8 a.m. every day (EST). This unparalleled "tipoff" service gives you a beginning of the day alert to what may be a good story. All for the price of a fast-food lunch.
Services for News Web sites:

News: Focused on the needs of news web sites
What we produce for print can also be delivered to you for your web site. We can produce the materials in the traditional manner - delivered to you by e-mail - or we can customize it so it is delivered to your web site in the style and manner you are used to displaying. All materials found under other services tabs on this site are available for use on news web sites.

Services for Businesses:

News: Focused on the extending your reach
We'd like to have your news releases! If you are a for-profit business that regularly issues news releases and wants to extend its reach into the Internet, we can help you. Please contact us for more information about repurposing your news to a wider audience for $39 per document.