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Public Policy Tipoffs Involving Indiana Newsletter for Sunday December 29, 2019 ( 6 items )  

Current Sports Medicine Reports Journal Issues Research Articles in December 2019 Edition
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, Dec. 25 -- Current Sports Medicine Reports, a journal from the American College of Sports Medicine that says it focuses on the clinical aspects of sports medicine, published research articles on the following topics in its December 2019 edition: * Comparing the Aerobic Fitness of Professional Male Soccer Players and Soccer Referees * Cycling Biomechanics Optimization--the (R) Evolution of Bicycle Fitting * Eccentric versus Concentric -- Which Is the Most Stressful Cardi  more

Educational Policy Journal Issues Research Articles in January 2020 Edition
THOUSAND OAKS, California, Dec. 23 -- Educational Policy, a peer-reviewed journal that says it provides a forum for improving education in primary and secondary schools, published research articles on the following topics in its January 2020 edition: * Ideas and the Politics of School Choice Policy: Portfolio Management in Philadelphia * Media Strategies in Policy Advocacy: Tracing the Justifications for Indiana's School Choice Reforms * Opting for Private Education: Public Subsidy Programs a  more

Indiana's Electric Cooperatives Applaud Passage of RURAL Act
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, Dec. 23 -- The Indiana Electric Cooperatives issued the following news release: Indiana Electric Cooperatives applauds the passage of the RURAL Act. The legislation, part of the spending bills signed Friday by the president, protects more than 900 electric cooperatives throughout the nation that risked losing their tax-exempt status when they accept government grants for disaster relief, broadband service and more. The bill's passage fixes a problem created in 2017 when   more

Journal of General Virology Issues Research Articles in November 2019 Edition
LONDON, England, Dec. 20 -- The Journal of General Virology, a journal from the Microbiology Society that describes original research in virology, published research articles, including the following topics, in its November 2019 edition: * Chimeric viruses of the insect-specific flavivirus Palm Creek with structural proteins of vertebrate-infecting flaviviruses identify barriers to replication of insect-specific flaviviruses in vertebrate cells * Comparative evaluation of pathogenicity of thre  more

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies Issues Statement on Reauthorization of Terrorism Risk Insurance Program
INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, Dec. 19 -- The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies issued the following statement by Jimi Grande, senior vice president of government affairs: "By voting today to extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program, the Senate has helped protect our economy from the threat of terrorism and to keep our communities growing. The program helped revive our economy in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, bringing back thousands of jobs lost as development halted due to a lack   more

National Parks Conservation Association: More Action Needed to Hold Polluters Accountable
PORTAGE, Indiana, Dec. 26 -- The National Parks Conservation Association issued the following news release, dated Dec. 23: * * * - Toxic Chemicals Continue to Spill Into Waterways at Indiana Dunes National Park - Lack of enforcement opens the door for future illegal discharges, resulting in more beach closures and potential harm to visitor health and wildlife at Indiana Dunes. * * * The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), represented by the Earthrise Law Center, took legal actio  more