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Federal Tipoffs Involving Iowa Newsletter for Sunday August 25, 2019 ( 3 items )  

Ames Laboratory Awarded DOE Funding for Quantum Information Science Project
AMES, Iowa, Aug. 22 -- The U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory issued the following news release: Ames Laboratory will develop a hybrid quantum and classical computational tool to calculate the properties of quantum materials such as superconductors and rare-earth compounds, funded by an award for $600,000 per year for three years from the U.S. Department of Energy. The project, formally named "Quantum Computing Enhanced Gutzwiller Variational Embedding Method for Correlated Multi-Orbi  more

Corps of Engineers Reopens Beaches at Rathbun Lake
CENTERVILLE, Iowa, Aug. 23 -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued the following news release: The Kansas City District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Rathbun Lake has opened Corps of Engineers' public designated beaches based on recent algal toxin laboratory results. Data results from Buck Creek and Island View beaches are within the Iowa Department of Natural Resources state beach advisory standards and due to the improved conditions are open. Drinking water and showers at campgrounds   more

Iowa U.S. Attorney: Field of Schemes Fraud Results in Over Decade in Federal Prison for Leader of Organic Fraud Case
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Aug. 19 -- The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, Peter E. Deegan Jr., issued the following news release: * * * - Randy Constant and Three Others Sentenced to Federal Prison for Their Roles in Fraud Involving More Than $120,000,000 in Grain Falsely Marketed as Organic * * * A Missouri man who fraudulently sold millions of dollars' worth of non-organic grain as though it was organic was sentenced on August 16, 2019, to more than ten years in prison in federal  more