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Public Policy Tipoffs Involving Alabama Newsletter for Sunday July 28, 2019 ( 11 items )  

American Society for Reproductive Medicine: House Passes National Defense Authorization Act With Language Addressing Infertility in Servicewomen
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, July 25 -- The American Society for Reproductive Medicine issued the following news release: * * * - Rep. Scott Introduces Fibroid Awareness Resolution * * * On July 12th, the House passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2020 by a vote of 220-197. The House version of the NDAA includes language calling for a Study on Infertility Among Members of the Armed Forces no later than 180 days after enactment. The findings will then be reported back to the membe  more

Dauphin Island Sea Lab: University Programs Students Create PSAs for Marine Mammals Course
DAUPHIN ISLAND, Alabama, July 22 -- Dauphin Island Sea Lab issued the following news: University Programs summer session students used what they learned in their Marine Mammals course to create PSAs on the dangers of hand-feeding dolphins. It's the second year Dr. Jennifer Lewis has incorporated the project into the course. "Science education should be about more than just memorizing and learning how to collect data," Lewis explained. "It's also about using it to move things forward. My goal   more

Financial Services Institute Endorses Chris Flint for FINRA Large Board Seat
WASHINGTON, July 24 -- The Financial Services Institute issued the following news release: Today, the Financial Services Institute (FSI) officially endorsed Chris Flint, President & CEO of ProEquities, and Senior Vice President, Distribution Companies, Protective Life Insurance Company, for the FINRA Large Firm Board seat. The election for this position will take place August 19. ProEquities and Protective Life Insurance Company are headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Mr. Flint received more   more

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology: Newly Developed Tool Reveals Key Mechanisms in Major Cereal, Biofuel Crop
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama, July 23 -- The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology issued the following news: Sorghum is one of the top five cereal crops in the world, and as academics have noted, a changing climate would make the plant even more important as a sustainable food and nutrition source. Sorghum is one of the single most efficient crops when it comes to water use and converting solar energy. Researchers at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology contributed to a new reference genome f  more

National Cotton Council: Trade Package Will Provide Timely Assistance
MEMPHIS, Tennessee, July 25 -- The National Cotton Council issued the following news release: The National Cotton Council conveyed its appreciation of the Trump Administration for recognizing the economic pressures caused by the trade tensions with China and providing support to assist American farmers. This follows USDA's announcement today of a $16 billion package through the Market Facilitation Program (MFP), Food Purchase and Distribution Program (FPDP), and Agricultural Trade Promotion Pr  more

Southern Poverty Law Center: Family of Herbert Lee to Visit Civil Rights Memorial That Honors His Sacrifice
MONTGOMERY, Alabama, July 26 -- Southern Poverty Law Center issued the following news: Clifton Franklin was a high school football running back who - at 16 - wanted to play in a big game between Louisiana rivals. His mother, however, had other plans. She brought him - begrudgingly - to Montgomery, Alabama, where Herbert Lee, her father and Franklin's grandfather, was being recognized as a martyr on what was then a brand-new Civil Rights Memorial. Thirty years later, Franklin, 46, is leading r  more

Southern Poverty Law Center: More Families Seek Damages for Harm Suffered Due to Trump Administration's Family Separations
MONTGOMERY, Alabama, July 25 -- Southern Poverty Law Center issued the following news: After seeking asylum from Guatemala at a port of entry in 2017, M.C.L. and his 7-year-old son spent two days in various cells where the temperature was kept extremely cold, with only a thin blanket and a single mattress to share. The father and son held each other tightly and cried themselves to sleep at night. Eventually, officers with chains and handcuffs entered their cell. The father and son were ordered  more

Southern Poverty Law Center: Resuming Barbaric Practice of Federal Executions Serves No Useful Purpose
MONTGOMERY, Alabama, July 25 -- Southern Poverty Law Center issued the following news: The U.S. Department of Justice announced today that it plans to resume the executions of people who are awaiting the death penalty in federal prisons, ending nearly two decades in which the federal government had not imposed capital punishment. There have not been any executions of people incarcerated in federal prisons since 2003 because the Justice Department has effectively had a moratorium on executions   more

Southern Poverty Law Center: Trump Administration Plan to Kick Millions Off Food Stamps Is 'Cruel and Arbitrary'
MONTGOMERY, Alabama, July 24 -- Southern Poverty Law Center issued the following news: The Trump administration announced a plan this week that would "tighten" the rules governing who qualifies for food stamps, a move that would likely take basic food provisions away from about 3 million people. These people now rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, the formal name for food stamps, including children who qualify for free lunches. It is not a crime to be poor, but th  more

The Country Music Association Hosts Sixth Annual CMA EDU Executive Summit in Nashville
NASHVILLE, Tennessee, July 25 -- The Country Music Association issued the following news release: The Country Music Association hosted its sixth annual CMA EDU Executive Summit in Nashville July 21-23. Leadership officers of CMA EDU collegiate chapters are invited each year to attend the two-and-a-half-day event, which exposes college students to the Country Music industry through professional development and networking opportunities. CMA EDU stretches across 14 universities nationwide with th  more

Three Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Candidates Named Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship Finalists
OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi, July 26 -- The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium issued the following news: Three graduate students from Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium member universities have been named finalists for the competitive 2020 Sea Grant John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship. Christine Bassett of The University of Alabama, Aaron Macy of University of South Alabama and Leanne Poussard of The University of Southern Mississippi will interview this fall in Washington, D.C  more