Tuesday - July 23, 2024
Public Policy Tipoffs Involving Montana Newsletter for Sunday April 07, 2024 ( 2 items )  

Rand: Online Tool Allows State-by-State Analysis of Firearm Death Rates Over 40-Year Period
SANTA MONICA, California, April 4 (TNSres) -- Rand issued the following news release: Firearm homicides have risen faster relative to the overall national trend in states such as Wisconsin, Delaware, and Minnesota, while firearm suicides have risen faster in Alaska, North Dakota, and Montana, according to a new tool from RAND that allows users to examine state-level firearm death rates over the past four decades. The visualization tool shows that some states have seen reductions in violence re  more

Sierra Club: Office of Surface Mining Rejects 2023 Montana Bill to Weaken Water Quality Standards From Coal Mines
HELENA, Montana, April 2 -- The Sierra Club issued the following news release: On Thursday, March 28, 2024, the U.S. Office of Surface Mining (OSM) rejected a law passed by the 2023 Montana legislature that would have weakened water quality protections required of coal mines. OSM's decision ensures the law will not go into effect in Montana. It found the new Montana law was weaker than minimum federal requirements in six significant ways. OSM only ruled on HB 576, one of two bills that were cha  more