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Public Policy Tipoffs Involving Pennsylvania Newsletter for Saturday May 13, 2023 ( 3 items )  

League of Women Voters: Voting Rights Advocates Prevail in Pennsylvania Voter Purge Lawsuit
HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, May 13 (TNSgov) -- The League of Women Voters issued the following news release on May 11, 2023: * * * Common Cause PA and League of Women Voters PA intervened to stop Judicial Watch purge in 2020 * * * Today voting rights advocates agreed to dismiss a lawsuit that pitted them against conservative activist group Judicial Watch, in a lawsuit Judicial Watch originally filed in 2020 to force three Pennsylvania counties to remove thousands of voters from the rolls ahead  more

Natural Resources Defense Council: PJM Stakeholders Rewrite Their Own Penalties to Bail Out Gas
VALLEY FORGE, Pennsylvania, May 13 (TNSpp) -- The Natural Resources Defense Council issued the following news release on May 11, 2023: During Winter Storm Elliott, gas generators failed to deliver electricity at a nearly disastrous scale and were met with nearly $1.8 billion in penalties as a result. In a meeting today, members of PJM Interconnection voted to go easier on power plants that fail to deliver as promised during emergencies. In a tight vote, PJM members approved a proposal that will  more

SAE Releases Recommended Practices to Ensure Safety and Interoperable Automatic Charging of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
WARRENDALE, Pennsylvania, May 13 (TNSres) -- SAE International issued the following news: SAE International, the world's leading authority in mobility standards development, has released a series of documents that provide recommended standards on the physical, electrical, functional, testing, and performance requirements for conductive power transfer primarily for transit vehicles using a conductive automatic charging connection capable of transferring direct current (DC) power. On-route conduc  more