Monday - September 28, 2020
Public Policy Tipoffs Involving Wyoming Newsletter for Sunday July 26, 2020 ( 3 items )  

Journal of Wildlife Management Issues Research Articles in August 2020 Edition
HOBOKEN, New Jersey, July 21 -- The Journal of Wildlife Management, a journal that says it features investigations into the biology and ecology of wildlife and their habitats, published research articles on the following topics in its August 2020 edition: RESEARCH ARTICLES: * Black Bear Movement and Food Conditioning in an Exurban Landscape * Acute Thermal and Stress Response in Moose to Chemical Immobilization * Disturbance Caused by Aerial Waterfowl Surveys During the Nonbreeding Season   more

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education: Casper College Joins the Interstate Passport Network
BOULDER, Colorado, July 23 -- The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education issued the following news release: Casper College, located in Casper, Wyoming, has joined the Interstate Passport Network, a national program of two- and four-year colleges and universities that streamlines the transfer process for students. Casper College is also the third institution in the state of Wyoming to join the Network. Established in 1945 as the first junior college in the state, Casper College enrol  more

Wyoming Supreme Court Suspends Saratoga Lawyer
CHEYENNE, Wyoming, July 18 -- The Wyoming State Bar issued the following news release: The Wyoming Supreme Court has suspended Jonathan C. Schnal, a lawyer from Saratoga, from the practice of law in Wyoming for failing to comply with the Rules of the Wyoming Supreme Court for Continuing Legal Education. Rule 4 of the Rules of the Wyoming State Board of Continuing Legal Education requires each active attorney to complete a minimum of 15 hours of continuing legal education, including two hours o  more