Sunday - September 20, 2020
State Tipoffs Involving Oregon Newsletter for Sunday July 26, 2020 ( 12 items )  

Clackamas Community College: Reynolds Steps Down From Board of Education
OREGON CITY, Ore., July 22 -- Clackamas Community College issued the following news: Betty Reynolds has resigned from the Clackamas Community College Board of Education after representing the West Linn/Wilsonville area since 2019. The board passed a declaration of board vacancy for the zone during its July 15 regular meeting. In Reynolds' tendered resignation, she cited her desire to "make room" on the board for greater diversity. She acknowledged the college's work on diversity, equity and in  more

Columbia: Oregonian/OregonLive Wins 2020 John B. Oakes Award for Outstanding Environmental Reporting
NEW YORK, July 23 -- Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism issued the following news: The Oregonian/OregonLive has won the 2020 John B. Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism for its compelling and impactful series "Polluted by Money." Sometimes the best journalism exposes conduct that's legal -- yet so wrong. Journalist Rob Davis took a close look at the state's laws allowing people and corporations to give political candidates unlimited donations. That has made O  more

Harvard Law: Professor Crespo Says Events in Portland Raise Serious Concerns About Unlawful Police Tactics
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, July 22 -- Harvard Law School issued the following news: Over the past week, reports have emerged of unidentified federal law enforcement officers confronting, and sometimes detaining, protesters in Portland, Oregon, moves opposed by the city and state's elected leaders. The state's governor, Kate Brown, has called the Trump Administration's actions a "blatant abuse of power." On Monday, President Donald J. Trump suggested that the federal government might soon deploy   more

Oregon Gov. Brown Announces New Requirements for Face Coverings, Businesses to Stop Spread of COVID-19
PORTLAND, Oregon, July 23 -- Gov. Kate Brown, D-Oregon, issued the following news release: In light of the continued spread of COVID-19 in Oregon--including a troubling rise in cases of community spread that cannot be traced and contained--Governor Kate Brown today announced new statewide health and safety measures, including new requirements for face coverings and businesses, effective Friday, July 24. Unless the spread of COVID-19 begins to slow, the Governor made clear that additional restri  more

Oregon Gov. Brown Convenes First Meeting of Public Safety Training & Standards Task Force
SALEM, Oregon, July 24 -- Gov. Kate Brown, D-Oregon, issued the following news release: Governor Kate Brown convened the first meeting of her Public Safety Training and Standards Task Force. The Task Force will make recommendations to the Governor to improve the training and certification processes for Oregon law enforcement officers, including systemic changes to incorporate racial equity into hiring and training. "We need to take real and concrete action to reform police training in Oregon,"  more

Oregon Gov. Brown: Draft Guidance for Early Care, Education Programs Released, Public Comment Invited
PORTLAND, Oregon, July 24 -- Gov. Kate Brown, D-Oregon, issued the following news release on July 23: Governor Kate Brown announced the release of draft guidance for early learning and child care programs across the state following this week's meeting of the Healthy Early Learners Council. The guidance, which was developed by the Oregon Health Authority and the Early Learning Division with significant input from parents and child care providers, was reviewed by the Council on Tuesday and is now  more

Oregon State University Expands Coronavirus Prevalence Study to Hermiston
HERMISTON, Oregon, July 23 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: TRACE-COVID-19, Oregon State University's project to determine community prevalence of the novel coronavirus, will sample community members in Hermiston this weekend, July 25-26, at the request of the Oregon Health Authority and Umatilla County Public Health in response to an outbreak of cases in county workplaces. "OHA appreciates the OSU TRACE team's willingness to conduct a sample survey in Hermiston, which wil  more

Oregon State University Researchers Part of International Effort to Save Critically Endangered Seabird
CORVALLIS, Oregon, July 22 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: The global population of the critically endangered Chinese crested tern has more than doubled thanks to a historic, decade-long collaboration among Oregon State University researchers and scientists and conservationists in China, Taiwan and Japan. The project included OSU's Dan Roby and Don Lyons and was led by Chen Shuihua of the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. When it began, fewer than 50 of the seabirds rem  more

Oregon State University: Discovery of First Active Seep in Antarctica Provides New Understanding of Methane Cycle
CORVALLIS, Oregon, July 23 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: The discovery of the first active methane seep in Antarctica is providing scientists new understanding of the methane cycle and the role methane found in this region may play in warming the planet. A methane seep is a location where methane gas escapes from an underground reservoir and into the ocean. Methane seeps have been found throughout the world's oceans, but the one discovered in the Ross Sea was the first   more

Oregon State University: Narcissists Don't Learn From Their Mistakes Because They Don't Think They Make Any, Study Shows
BEND, Oregon, July 23 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: When most people find that their actions have resulted in an undesirable outcome, they tend to rethink their decisions and ask, "What should I have done differently to avoid this outcome?" When narcissists face the same situation, however, their refrain is, "No one could have seen this coming!" In refusing to acknowledge that they have made a mistake, narcissists fail to learn from those mistakes, a recent study from   more

Oregon State: 2nd Round of Sampling Suggests Lower Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 in Newport
NEWPORT, Oregon, July 25 -- Oregon State University issued the following news: Preliminary results of a second round of door-to-door sampling by Oregon State University in Newport suggest a significantly lower prevalence of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 on July 11-12 than compared to a similar sampling three weeks earlier. The sampling found an estimated community prevalence of six in 1,000. The initial sampling on June 20-21 found a prevalence of 34 in 1,000. The initial sampling  more

University of Pennsylvania: New Stellar Stream, Born Outside the Milky Way, Discovered With Machine Learning
PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, July 18 -- The University of Pennsylvania issued the following news: Researchers have discovered a new cluster of stars in the Milky Way disk, the first evidence of this type of merger with another dwarf galaxy. Named after Nyx, the Greek goddess of night, the discovery of this new stellar stream was made possible by machine learning algorithms and simulations of data from the Gaia space observatory. The finding, published in Nature Astronomy, is the result of a coll  more