Sunday - September 20, 2020
Public Policy Tipoffs Involving Alaska Newsletter for Sunday July 12, 2020 ( 3 items )  

Alaska Community Foundation: The Social Justice Fund Awards Its Fourth Year of Grants
ANCHORAGE, Alaska, July 8 -- The Alaska Community Foundation issued the following news release: ACF has distributed its fourth year of grants from the Social Justice Fund. The fund supports community-based organizations that focus on the root causes of social, economic, and environmental injustices. The Social Justice Fund seeks to include those who are impacted by injustices as decision-makers and leaders. It also aims to make the field of philanthropy more accessible to a broader group of soc  more

American Journal of Industrial Medicine Issues Research Articles in August 2020 Edition
HOBOKEN, New Jersey, July 11 -- The American Journal of Industrial Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal that says it features occupational and environmental health and safety, published research articles on the following topics in its August 2020 edition: RESEARCH ARTICLES: * Demographic considerations in analyzing decedents by usual occupation * Association between longest-held occupation and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits receipt * Hematologic malignancy in tanker crewmembers:  more

Fire Journal Issues Research Articles in June 2020 Edition
BASEL, Switzerland, July 9 -- Fire, an open-access journal about the science, policy and technology of vegetation fires and how they interact with communities and the environment, published research articles on the following topics in its June 2020 edition: Article: * Evaluating the Drought Code Using In Situ Drying Timelags of Feathermoss Duff in Interior Alaska * Preceding Fall Drought Conditions and Overwinter Precipitation Effects on Spring Wildland Fire Activity in Canada * A Conceptua  more