Wednesday - April 17, 2024
Area Description
Targeted News Service Comprehensive Targeted News Service newswire reporting with news stories and news briefs coverning general government news.
Congressional Votes Summary stories written about each key vote in the House and Senate.
Federal Contract Awards News stories on federal contracts awarded to local businesses
Federal Solicitations State and locality oriented news briefs on individual federal solicitations for contracts by federal agencies.
Federal Grant Opportunities News stories on federal grant opportunities available
Patents Assigned to Companies News coverage, by state, of federal patent awards to individuals and to companies assigned patents.
Bill Intros/Senate News briefs on individual U.S. Senate bill introductions by sponsor and co-sponsor.
Bill Intros/House News briefs on individual U.S. House bill introductions by sponsor and co-sponsor.
EPA EIS Comments News briefs on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency comments submitted on federal agency environmental impact statements.
EPA EIS's News briefs on federal filings of environemntal impact statements, available by state or comprehensively.
GAO Bid Protests News stories on federal bid protest decisions issued by the GAO General Counsel.
GAO Reports News stories and news briefs of Government Accountability Office audits, news, reports and testimony.
Trump Administration Nominations News briefs on individuals selected by President Trump to serve in his administration who require Senate confirmation, and news brief coverage of those who gain Senate confirmation.