Tuesday - June 18, 2024
Patents Assigned to Companies

News coverage, by state, of federal patent awards to individuals and to companies assigned patents.

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Abradable Material and Design for Jet Engine Applications
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, March 26 -- RTX CORPORATION, Farmington, Connecticut has been assigned a patent (No. US 11939871 B1, initially filed Oct. 28, 2022) developed by nine inventors Kerry E. Muenchow, West Hartford, Connecticut; Georgios S. Zafiris, Glastonbury, Connecticut; Raymond P. Martina, Jr., Manchester, Connecticut; John Harner, Florence, Massachusetts; Imad Hanhan, Newington, Connecticut; Darin S. Lussier, Guilford, Connecticut; Scott A. Smith, Plantsville, Connecticut; Mark W. Costa, Storrs, Connecticut; and Michael R. LaFavor, Manchester, Connecticut, for "Abradable material and design ... Show Full Article

4-Hydroxybutyric Acid Analogs
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, March 26 -- SUN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES, INC., Princeton, New Jersey has been assigned a patent (No. US 11939285 B2, initially filed Oct. 29, 2021) developed by Roger D. Tung, Lexington, Massachusetts, for "4-hydroxybutyric acid analogs."

5G Network Edge and Core Service Dimensioning
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, March 26 -- INTEL CORPORATION, Santa Clara, California has been assigned a patent (No. US 11943280 B2, initially filed Aug. 8, 2022) developed by three inventors Mrittika Ganguli, Chandler, Arizona; Stephen T. Palermo, Chandler, Arizona; and Valerie J. Parker, Portland, Oregon, for "5G network edge and core service dimensioning."

3D Printing System With Waste Collection Subsystem
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, March 26 -- 3D SYSTEMS, INC., Rock Hill, South Carolina has been assigned a patent (No. US 11938679 B2, initially filed June 24, 2022) developed by Andrew Enslow, Escondido, California, and Darold Tejero Lazatin, San Marcos, California, for "3D printing system with waste collection subsystem."

2D Array Ultrasound Probe With 3 Watt Digital Microbeamformer
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, March 26 -- KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V., Eindhoven, Netherlands has been assigned a patent (No. US 11937982 B2, initially filed April 5, 2022) developed by five inventors Bernard Joseph Savord, Andover, Massachusetts; Antonia Cornelia Van Rens, Nuenen, Netherlands; Sotir Filipov Ouzounov, Eindhoven, Netherlands; McKee Dunn Poland, Andover, Massachusetts; and Nik Ledoux, Merrimack, New Hampshire, for "2D array ultrasound probe with 3 watt digital microbeamformer."