Monday - June 27, 2022
Patents Assigned to Companies

News coverage, by state, of federal patent awards to individuals and to companies assigned patents.

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3M Innovative Properties Assigned Patent for Compression Sleeve
ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 14 -- 3M Innovative Properties, St. Paul, Minnesota, has been assigned a patent (No. 11,324,640, initially filed Nov. 16, 2017) developed by three co-inventors for a compression sleeve. The co-inventors are Guido Hitschmann, Neuss, Germany, Joseph D. Rule, Woodbury, Minnesota, and John J. Rogers, St. Paul, Minnesota.

The full-text of the patent can be found at,324,640.PN.&OS=PN/11,324,640&RS=PN/11,324,640

2Starkey Laboratories Assigned Patent for Modularization of Components of Ear-wearable Device
ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 14 -- Starkey Laboratories, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has been assigned a patent (No. 11,330,380, initially filed Jan. 29, 2021) developed by seven co-inventors for a "modularization of components of an ear-wearable device." The co-inventors are Sidney A. Higgins, (Maple Grove, Minnesota, Scott Timmerman, Buffalo, Minnesota, Dustin Degen, Waconia, Minnesota, Jodi Rickheim, Stewart, Minnesota, Brian Dahl, Minnetrista, Minnesota, Christopher Frank Filo, Shakopee, Minnesota, and Kenneth Duane Gjerde Jr., White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

The full-text of the patent can be found at,13,30,380.PN.&OS=PN/1,13,30,380&RS=PN/1,13,30,380 ... Show Full Article

128 Technology Assigned Patent for Device Information Method, Apparatus for Directing Link-Layer Communication
ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 14 -- 128 Technology, Burlington, Massachusetts, has been assigned a patent (No. 11,329,916, initially filed Sept. 3, 2020) developed by four co-inventors for a "device information method and apparatus for directing link-layer communication." The co-inventors are Patrick MeLampy, Dunstable, Massachusetts, Abilash Menon, Boxborough, Massachusetts, Michael Baj, Bedford, Massachusetts, and Prashant Kumar, Andover, Massachusetts.

The full-text of the patent can be found at,329,916.PN.&OS=PN/11,329,916&RS=PN/11,329,916 ... Show Full Article