Saturday - February 24, 2024
Patents Assigned to Companies

News coverage, by state, of federal patent awards to individuals and to companies assigned patents.

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AC/DC Power Converters Including Current Transformers for Bidirectional Current Sensing
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, Jan. 17 -- ASTEE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Kowloon, Hong Kong has been assigned a patent (No. US 11557982 B2, initially filed July 15, 2021) developed by Rahul Vinaykumar Davare, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and Todd Martin Schaible, Orono, Minnesota, for "AC/DC power converters including current transformers for bidirectional current sensing."

Absorbent Article Having a Functional Enhancement Indicator
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, Jan. 17 -- THE PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY, Cincinnati, Ohio has been assigned a patent (No. US 11554052 B2, initially filed Oct. 6, 2016) developed by seven inventors Peter Charles Mason, Jr., Maineville, Ohio; Ronald Bosman Visscher, Cincinnati, Ohio; Jeanne Marie Hughes, Loveland, Ohio; Folke Schlueter, Geneva, Switzerland; Emma Somma, Pescara, Italy; Giovanni Carlucci, Chieti, Italy; and Paul Thomas Weisman, Cincinnati, Ohio, for "Absorbent article having a functional enhancement indicator."

Absolute Position Non-Contact Rake Sensor for a Steering Column
ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, Jan. 17 -- STEERING SOLUTIONS IP HOLDING CORPORATION, Saginaw, Michigan has been assigned a patent (No. US 11554803 B2, initially filed April 17, 2020) developed by three inventors Damian Z. Gosztyla, Bay City, Michigan; Robert D. Bueche, Montrose, Michigan; and James E. Rouleau, Burt, Michigan, for "Absolute position non-contact rake sensor for a steering column."