Sunday - December 10, 2017
Patents Assigned to Companies

News coverage, by state, of federal patent awards to individuals and to companies assigned patents.

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Animas Assigned Patent for Method for Closed-Loop Control of Artificial Pancreas
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 26 -- Animas, West Chester, Pennsylvania, has been assigned a patent (9,795,737) developed by two co-inventors for a "method and system for closed-loop control of an artificial pancreas." The co-inventors are Daniel Finan, Philadelphia, and Thomas McCann, Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The abstract states: "Methods and systems for controlling an insulin pump in response to glucose measurements are responsive to a base insulin delivery profile and a temporary insulin delivery profile. These can be used, e.g., to control blood glucose level of a subject using a continuous glucose ... Show Full Article

American Greetings Assigned Patent for Greeting Cards with Suspended Motion
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 26 -- American Greetings, Cleveland, has been assigned a patent (9,796,203) developed by two co-inventors for "greeting cards with suspended motion." The co-inventors are Lynne Shlonsky, Shaker Heights, Ohio, and Dave Sapp, Avon Lake, Ohio. The abstract states: "The present invention is directed to various embodiments of a greeting card having at least one motor attached to a mechanism which causes movement to a mobile object and one or more attachments suspended from the mobile object. The mobile object may be a circular disc, a string or a swing structure. Each mobile object ... Show Full Article

Air Products and Chemicals Assigned Patent for Heater Arrangement for TEPSA System
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 26 -- Air Products and Chemicals, Allentown, Pennsylvania, has been assigned a patent (9,795,915) developed by four co-inventors for "heater arrangement for TEPSA system." The co-inventors are Mohammad Ali Kalbassi, Weybridge, United Kingdom, April Emma Louise O'Meara, Walton-on-Thames, United Kingdom, Christopher James Raiswell, Crewe, United Kingdom, and Ian Robert Zone, Addlestone, United Kingdom. The abstract states: "The present invention relates to a temperature enhanced pressure swing adsorption (TEPSA) process for removing at least two components including a less strongly ... Show Full Article

Access Optics Assigned Patent for Endoscope Coupler
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 26 -- Access Optics, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has been assigned a patent (9,795,279) developed by three co-inventors for an endoscope coupler. The co-inventors are Robert H. Hogrefe, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Thomas Mayer, Muskogee, Oklahoma, and John Hannam, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The abstract states: "An endoscope coupler with a split focus ring having direct engagement between the focus ring and the lens cell. The endoscope coupler may also have a changeable lens cartridge which can be replaced when moisture penetrates and ruins a the previous lens cartridge. Additional features ... Show Full Article