Saturday - December 15, 2018
Patents Assigned to Companies

News coverage, by state, of federal patent awards to individuals and to companies assigned patents.

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GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Assigned Patent for Chimneys
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 20 -- GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas, Wilmington, North Carolina, has been assigned a patent (No. 10,128,007, initially filed July 6, 2015) developed by four co-inventors for "chimneys having joinable upper and lower sections where the lower section has internal partitions." The co-inventors are Robin D. Sprague, Wilmington, North Carolina, Gerald A. Deaver, Wilmington, North Carolina, David A. Rickard, Wilmington, North Carolina, and David L. Major, Wilmington, North Carolina.

The full-text of the patent can be found at,128,007.PN.&OS=PN/10,128,007&RS=PN/10,128,007 ... Show Full Article

Amazon Technologies Assigned Patent for Authenticated Communication Between Devices
ALEXANDRIA, Va., Nov. 17 -- Amazon Technologies, Seattle, Washington, has been assigned a patent (No. 10,129,228, initially filed March 30, 2016) developed by three co-inventors for "authenticated communication between devices." The co-inventors are Jason Anthony Mobarak, San Ramon, California, Rajasimman Madhivanan, Sunnyvale, California, and Andrew Jay Roths, Redwood City, California.

The full-text of the patent can be found at,129,228.PN.&OS=PN/10,129,228&RS=PN/10,129,228 ... Show Full Article