Tuesday - January 26, 2021

Targeted News Services for Businesses

TNS Customized Contract Awards Notification

Competitive intelligence is priceless and tracking your competition is easy with our resources. All federal contract awards announced by any federal agency to the companies you specify will come to you daily. You can also track the same information by state, by product or by NAICS code.

Federal Patent Awards to Businesses by state or by product

Track federal patent awards by assigned company (competitive intelligence) or by product line. You can also gather all patents issued in a state. This service will keep you abreast the latest inventions and concepts with a single incoming e-mail daily of the patent awards, summarized into a few paragraphs with a link back to the original full-text.

TNS Grants

Targeted News Service has a variety of newsletters that provide daily compilation of all federal grants. Federal Grant Opportunities

Federal Solicitations for Contract Awards, by product

Looking for contract opportunities through federal solicitations could never have been easier. Just select the product areas you want to track and we'll compile a few tight paragraphs on each offering with links back to the full text issued by the federal government. We will work with you to craft the best way to gather the information you are looking for, such as by key words, products, or classification codes.

TNS Congressional Bill Introductions

Track congressional bill introductions with a tight paragraph describing all new legislation, complete with bill numbers, sponsors and co-sponsors and their political affiliations, along with a clean description of the legislation. You can track specific congressmen, state delegations or topics (on a limited basis).

Customized Newsletters
News: Focused on the needs of news web sites

What we produce customized data feeds that you can include on your website using simple html snippets.