Wednesday - August 23, 2017
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Reps. Jayapal, Nadler, Watson Coleman Respond to Speaker Ryan Comments on Trump Censure Calls
WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 -- Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., issued the following news release:

Today, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), and Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ), who authored the censure resolution introduced last week against President Trump for his comments about the violence in Charlottesville, issued the following statement in response to Speaker Paul Ryan saying that he will not support the censure, calling it the "worst thing we could do."

Below is the joint statement issued by Reps. Nadler, Watson Coleman, and Jayapal:

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Rep. Pelosi Issues Statement on President Trump's Afghanistan Speech
SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 22 -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., issued the following statement after President Trump's announcement that additional troops will be deployed to Afghanistan:

"Tonight, President Trump announced his decision to put thousands more Americans in harm's way in Afghanistan. The President's announcement is in sharp contrast to the statements he made before he was President, including when he tweeted: 'We have wasted an enormous amount of blood and treasure in Afghanistan,' and, 'Let's get out!'

"Tonight, the President said he knew what he was getting into and had ... Show Full Article

Rep. Johnson Issues Statement on Additional Troops to Be Deployed to Afghanistan
WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 -- Rep. Henry C. 'Hank' Johnson Jr., D-Ga., issued the following statement after President Trump's announcement that additional troops will be deployed to Afghanistan:

"President Trump appears to have given our military a blank check to escalate, with no limits, the number of American military boots on the ground in Afghanistan."

"While failing to describe to the American people what 'victory in Afghanistan' is, President Trump, enamored with the brass medals worn by our generals, has ceded civilian authority to manage our involvement over to the military.

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Rep. Johnson Files FBI Director Integrity Act
WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 -- Rep. Henry C. 'Hank' Johnson Jr., D-Ga., issued the following news release:

Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04) today filed the FBI Director Integrity Act, which would mandate that a sitting FBI director can only be fired for cause rather the serving at the political whim of the president.

The bill would amend the Omnibus Crime Control Act of 1968 to provide that the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation can only be removed for certain causes and for other purposes.

"A free and independent federal law enforcement agency is critical to upholding our democracy, and ... Show Full Article

Rep. Hice Issues Comment on President Trump's Visit to U.S.-Mexican Border
MONROE, Ga., Aug. 22 -- Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., issued the following comment on President Trump's upcoming visit to the U.S.-Mexican border:

"Securing our borders is vital to maintaining the safety of our homeland."

"I'm grateful that President Trump has brought this issue into the forefront and given it the attention it deserves.

"I remain firmly committed to supporting the President's security initiatives on the southern border that will help improve our national security and ensure public safety."

Rep. Foster Leads Bipartisan Letter to President Trump Urging Implementation of Opioid Commission Recommendations
WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 -- Rep. Bill Foster, D-Ill., issued the following news release:

On Tuesday, Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) led a letter to President Trump with Rep. Evan Jenkins (R-WV), Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), urging him to implement the recommendations of the President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis. It was signed by 52 Members of Congress.

The letter encourages the President to follow through with the report's recommendation to waive the Institution for Mental Diseases (IMD) exclusion within the Medicaid program. The IMD exclusion ... Show Full Article

Rep. Flores Issues Statement on President Trump's Afghanistan Strategy
WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 -- Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, issued the following statement regarding President Trump's Afghanistan strategy:

"I welcome and commend President Trump for his leadership and focus on moving forward in Afghanistan. It is encouraging to see that President Trump's administration is focused on achieving tangible results as compared to the arbitrary deadlines set by the Obama administration.

"This strategy is a step in the right direction to fight and win the War on Terror.

"In Congress, we will work to support the president and ensure that our military men and women have the necessary ... Show Full Article