Saturday - June 24, 2017
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Our Team

Myron Struck - President/Editor/Managing Partner
703/304-1897 or 703/866-4708
STRUCK is the editor, co-founder, and president, of Targeted News Service, operating from the Washington, D.C., a suburb of Springfield, Va. Struck has been a professional journalist since 1973, working for the Washington Post, Miami Herald, Manassas Journal-Messenger, Prince William Journal, Defense News, Defense Electronics, Roll Call, CCH Publications (TaxDay), CD Publications and Campaigns & Elections magazine, among others.

Kevin Meek - Executive Vice President and co-founder (partner)
MEEK, from Arlington, Va., manages technology operations.

Vicki Lynn Del Valle Schneider - Vice President, Business Development and Outreach (Editor, News Outreach)
VICKI, from Columbus, Ohio, is an editor working on the news team and is responsible for building customer outreach programs.

Jofrey Furigay - Managing Editor/News Information
Furigay is responsible for managing the gathering and editing teams. He is based in Tuguegarao City, Philippines.

Mary Jane Furigay - News Collections Editor
Mary Jane Furigay is responsible for quality control and managing the information gathering target. She is based in Tuguegarao City, Philippines.

Marlyn Vitin - Deputy Managing Editor
Vitin is responsible for quality control and development. She is based in Tuguegarao City, Philippines.

Lindsay Victor - Director of Finance and Senior Assistant to the Editor
Victor is responsible for general management issues and finances. Victor is based in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Jude Bautista - Quality Control Manager
Bautista is a quality control manager, a junior editor and a federal solicitations and patents writer.


Arne Christensen (Congressional voting)

Gema Viana

Marliz Tagaruma


Ainsley Dayandante

Karen Narag

Vessie Abalos


Aile Dayandante

Carmelo Astrologo

Donnabel Gayo

Eric Beltran

Ethel Tenorio

Ester Pascual

Hari Chandran

Hind Sabir

Ian Raphaell Kuan

Joann Vista

Lesley Gonzales

Liezel Esteban

Mark Tanzo

Mary Grace Dejucos

Merly Lapig

Niel Bautista

Radha Hari