Wednesday - August 23, 2017
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Rosen's Sanctuary Cities Problem
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 -- The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued the following news release:

Nevada voters have a major problem with Jacky Rosen's dangerous decision to support lawbreaking illegal immigrants taking refuge in sanctuary cities.

The Nevada Independent highlighted the sanctuary cities issue heading into the 2018 election, and it's not looking good for Rosen. Among the article's observations:

* 80 percent of voters believe local law enforcement should be required to turn unauthorized immigrants they arrest for crimes over to immigration authorities. 90 percent of Republican ... Show Full Article

Richard Cordray Still Refuses to Release His Schedule, Address Hatch Act Concerns
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

The Republican Governors Association today called on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray to quit hiding his schedule for June and July of this year and admit to taxpayers where he was and who he spoke to during that time. These months, still missing from his official online schedule, contain key dates and events in which, according to media reports, Cordray discussed his intentions to run for Ohio governor.

In the nearly 3 weeks since the RGA filed its original FOIA request ... Show Full Article

Republican Party of Wisconsin Launches Digital Ad Campaign Against Madison Bureaucrat Tony Evers
MADISON, Wis., Aug. 21 -- The Wisconsin Republican Party issued the following news:

While Madison Bureaucrat Tony Evers prepares to launch his campaign for governor this Wednesday, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is launching a digital ad campaign today, aimed at informing voters of Evers' failure to lead when children and parents needed him most.

"Madison bureaucrat Tony Evers failed to lead when parents and children needed him most," said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. "While Governor Walker has fought for hard-working Wisconsin families and delivered results, ... Show Full Article

RNC Issues Statement on President Trump's Address
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 -- The Republican National Committee issued the following statement by Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel:

"Tonight, President Trump took a bold step forward by asserting America's strength worldwide and making crystal clear that we will no longer lead from behind.

"In announcing a long-term vision and strategic plan in Afghanistan, the president is showing the American people our national security is his top priority and requires a clearly defined policy.

"Thanks to President Trump and his dedicated team, we will strengthen America's presence in one of the most vulnerable areas of ... Show Full Article

Mexico Joe Wants Six More Years of Doing Nothing
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 -- The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued the following news release:

As Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly embarks on his road trip, Hoosiers should ask him one question: what exactly has he done to warrant reelection?

Joe Donnelly is among the least effective members of Congress. In his decade in Washington, a Donnelly-sponsored bill has never been signed into law. And while Donnelly pretends to be an advocate for working Hoosiers, his only accomplishment on outsourcing is making a handsome profit from his family business shipping manufacturing jobs to Mexico. If ... Show Full Article

Annette Taddeo Endorsed by Florida Conservation Voters in Race for Senate District 40
MIAMI, Aug. 21 -- The Florida Democratic Party issued the following news:

Today, Annette Taddeo announced that Florida Conservation Voters has endorsed her special election campaign for State Senate District 40. FCV is a non-partisan environmental organization aimed at electing leaders who will protect Florida's water supply and precious natural areas.

Aliki Moncrief, Executive Director of Florida Conservation Voters, said, "Annette Taddeo will be an outstanding advocate for our drinking water, parks, and natural treasures like the Everglades. Being a small business owner, Taddeo understands ... Show Full Article

Air Claire Thinks Having a Private Jet is 'Normal'
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 -- The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued the following news release:

At a town hall last week, the 5th richest Senator in office, Claire McCaskill, said that "normal people can afford" private jets like the one she flies around the world in.

This is a new level of delusion, even for DC elitist Claire McCaskill. The ability to fly in a private jet is anything but normal, and if Claire thinks it is, she's dramatically out of touch with Missouri. Though she hails herself as a daughter of rural Missouri, Claire leads a far more luxurious life than the normal Missouri ... Show Full Article