Wednesday - October 18, 2017
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Washington Post Slams Ralph Northam for His Cluelessness on Education in Virginia
WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

With just three weeks to go until Election Day in Virginia, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam's alarming inability to put forward policies of substance continues to take a toll on his campaign in the home stretch. Just weeks after Northam was caught running ads touting a non-existent tax plan, the Washington Post editorial board took aim at his cluelessness on the topic of education, shredding him for his "astonishing" lack of answers on minimum expectations at a recent event and calling ... Show Full Article

Vukmir And Nicholson Stand By Trump's Latest Healthcare Sabotage
MADISON, Wis., Oct. 17 -- The Wisconsin Democratic Party issued the following news:

President Trump late Thursday announced plans to further sabotage the American healthcare system by ending Affordable Care Act cost sharing reduction subsidies -- a reckless, spiteful move expected to skyrocket Wisconsinites' premiums by 36% -- and Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson are cheering him on.

* State Senator Vukmir offered "praise" for Trump's cruel, purely political sabotage that will surge healthcare costs for the working families she mistakenly believes she deserves to represent.

* Kevin Nicholson ... Show Full Article

New Poll: GOP's Ed Gillespie Leading Democrat Ralph Northam in Virginia's Governor's Race
WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

With exactly three weeks to go until Election Day in Virginia's 2017 gubernatorial election, Republican Ed Gillespie continues to gain momentum, surging to a lead in the latest public poll. A new survey by Monmouth University shows Gillespie now leading Democrat Ralph Northam 48-47, a 6 point swing from Monmouth's last poll in September that showed Northam leading 49-44. The poll also shows that voters prefer Gillespie's handling of issues such as crime and the economy by double-digit margins over Northam. ... Show Full Article

NV Dems File Ethics Complaint Against Senator Dean Heller for Abusing Official Position to Solicit Campaign Cash
CARSON CITY, Nev., Oct. 17 -- The Nevada Democratic Party issued the following news release:

The Nevada State Democratic Party filed an ethics complaint today against Republican Senator Dean Heller with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics for soliciting and accepting campaign contributions because of specific official actions on tax reform as a member of the Senate Committee on Finance.

Last month, Senator Heller personally signed a fundraising email for his campaign highlighting his position as a "member of the Senate Finance Committee (the tax writing committee in the Senate)" and making ... Show Full Article

Florida Democrats Struggle To Raise Money For 2018 Gubernatorial Race
WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 -- The Republican Governors Association issued the following news release:

Stuck with a weak field of lackluster gubernatorial candidates, Florida Democrats are struggling to raise money, threatening their ability to field competitive campaigns with little over a year until Election Day. POLITICO reports that the three major Democrat candidates, Andrew Gillum, Gwen Graham, and Chris King, raised only $503,000 combined in September while two Republican candidates raised "almost four times" that amount. The news has spurred "a fresh round of bipartisan speculation that the GOP ... Show Full Article

DeWine Stands By As Ohioans' Health Insurance Premiums Skyrocket
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 17 -- The Ohio Democratic Party issued the following news:

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has tried to undermine the Affordable Care Act at every turn, and now he's standing by as Donald Trump pushes an executive order that will sabotage health coverage for thousands of Ohioans, raise premiums and spike the federal deficit.

"The only way to interpret Mike DeWine's inaction is that he doesn't care that Ohio families will be forced to pay skyrocketing premiums and lose their health coverage," said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper. "His fellow Republican, Governor ... Show Full Article

CT Republicans Must Denounce Cockayne
HARTFORD, Conn., Oct. 17 -- The Connecticut Democratic Party issued the following news release:

Last week Connecticut Republicans feigned outrage when condemning Harvey Weinstein and insisting that the Connecticut Democratic Party and its elected officials return Weinstein's direct donations, which they had already done. With the news that Bristol Mayor Ken Cockayne has been unanimously censured by his city council (for the second time), including its GOP members, it's only fair to ask whether the Connecticut Republican Party continues to support Cockayne, and, if not, why they have not returned ... Show Full Article