Wednesday - September 30, 2020
Federal Tipoffs Involving New Hampshire Newsletter for Sunday March 15, 2020 ( 4 items )  

Cold Regions Research, Engineering Laboratory Site Visit
VICKSBURG, Mississippi, March 14 -- The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center issued the following news story: Students from the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program at Dartmouth College, located in Hanover, New Hampshire, visited the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, also located in Hanover, February 24, 2020. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute believes that regardless of age, learning never st  more

EPA Reviews Three New Hampshire Superfund Site Cleanups This Year
BOSTON, Massachusetts, March 14 -- The Environmental Protection Agency issued the following news release: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun comprehensive "Five-Year Reviews" of two previously-completed cleanup National Priorities List (NPL) Superfund sites in New Hampshire. The two sites are Troy Mills Landfill, in Troy, N.H., and Somersworth Sanitary Landfill, in Somersworth, N.H. EPA will complete these reviews later in 2020 and will publicly share the results of the as  more

FDA Issues Notice on Guidance Pertaining to Elemental Impurities
SPRINGFIELD, Virginia, March 12 -- The Food and Drug Administration has issued a notice, published in the Federal Register on March 11, entitled: "Q3D(R1) Elemental Impurities; International Council for Harmonisation; Guidance for Industry; Availability". The notice was issued by Lowell J. Schiller, Principal Associate Commissioner for Policy. DATES: The announcement of the guidance is published in the Federal Register on March 11, 2020. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Regarding the guidance  more

Federal Highway Administration Issue Notice on Proposed Highway in New Hampshire
SPRINGFIELD, Virginia, March 9 -- The Transportation Department's Federal Highway Administration has issued a notice, published in the Federal Register on March 9, entitled: "Notice of Final Federal Agency Actions on Proposed Highway in New Hampshire". The notice was issued by Patrick A. Bauer, Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration, New Hampshire Division, Concord, New Hampshire. DATES: By this notice, FHWA is advising the public of final agency actions subject to 23 U.S.C. 13  more